Antu “loan” moving cattle good “money” scene

“Thanks to the government’s good policy, I got a discount loan and expanded my cattle farming.”Recently, Wang Shuying, a villager in Nanliu Village, Shimen Town, Antu County, was approved by the Bank of China antu Sub-branch of the quota of 200,000 yuan beef cattle breeding discount loan, the cattle industry “money” scene is full of confidence.Focused support “straw meat” and ten million head of cattle for construction project, help the county and rural revitalization of beef cattle industry development, pratt &whitney financial integration effectively, strengthen administration unionpay antu county, the county people club bureau, bureau of finance, antu county branch of the People’s Bank of China, bank of China, antu branch related units, such as active as, careful deployment,The Measures for The Implementation of Special Discount Loan for Re-employment of Agricultural Seed and Breeding in Antu County was issued, and the special discount policy of “bank funding + financial discount” was innovatively introduced to open a “green channel” for the beef cattle industry.Antu County Liangjiang Town Ruijia Hong farm director Zhang Hongqing is also a beneficiary of the discount policy.Zhang hongqing started to raise cattle in 2020. She has her own cowshed of 400 square meters and stores 40 cows. She has a considerable profit and intends to expand the breeding scale, but she has been plagued by a shortage of funds.In January 2022, Antu County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Bank of China Antu Sub-branch jointly went to villages and towns to publicize the policy. Knowing this policy, Zhang Hongqing immediately applied for a loan of 200,000 yuan.”Now is the prime time to buy calves, I am worried about the ‘flexible money’.This is good, not only get the money, the government also pay interest.”As pressing danger is solved, the beef cattle in the cattle shed is growing fat, Zhang Hongqing is smiling every day.Ann figure according to the bank of China branch in relevant controller introduces, to serve the financial strength and play to the largest government support force, promote the development of the county cattle industry, the first to try first, actively implement the “political silver cooperation”, relying on the bank of China, jilin province “you wish, livestock is borrowed” products, launch related services, will be preferential policy into effect,Become a model of innovative “government-banking cooperation”.

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