Director Ming Jin Cheng died of myocardial infarction ariel Lin Yang Jin Hua sad condolences

Source:Sina entertainment news sina entertainment ariel Lin, nonono, China According to Taiwan media reports, the director of Ming gold cause myocardial infarction, the sudden shock to show business friends, ariel Lin Ming sung Kim first when directors idol drama “my secret garden 2” heroine, she was very sad, the sudden of Ming sung Kim said he awake at night, this morning she said sadly,”I have always been very grateful to Director Ming for directing Secret Garden 2, when I was already under a lot of pressure, but I also did not forget to help the young actors relax with a sense of humor or self-deprecation. I really miss him, who was cheerful and relaxed, and I love his wife and children more.”Ariel Lin said, “I knew he had depression before, but when I met him, he was always smiling and never stingy to make others laugh. He was a caring and considerate brother.”Yang Jinhua also met Ming Jincheng before the Chinese New Year, when old friends gathered to share a lot of work and life.When she heard the news last night, she cried for a long time, and she still grieves today.Writing on the social media platform, she said: ‘I was so shocked and sad to hear you left last night. I am completely empty.I love you very much, and I love my wife and children even more. I know you must be very reluctant to leave.Yang further expressed her condolences, saying, “Thank you for your willingness to teach me when we worked together on two plays. Thank you for getting together that day, having a happy chat, and for sending me a gift several days later.Your laughter, humor and kindness will always be in my heart.”

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