The kind of torture that made ancient people shudder at the sound of it is now popular in amusement parks

In everyday life, people who break the law, not in custody, is to go to prison, are basically the same punishment, heavier is the death penalty, such as ancient exile thousands, cut the punishments of the nose, what can be said to be extinct now, but there is also a punishment, let many of the ancient people that’s not here right now, is now a lot of kids happy childhood,Do you know what it is?In the history of China, there are many famous cruel officials, who were the effective helpers of the ancient emperors to maintain their rule and the great fear of those who challenged the imperial power. What are the famous cruel officials in history?For example, Zhi Zhi, a cruel official during the Reign of Emperor Jingdi of the Han Dynasty, was beheaded in half by Empress Dowager Dou.Zhang Tang in the Reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty was later forced to commit suicide.During the reign of Wu Zetian, Lai Junchen was finally executed by the emperor. These cruel officials, when in power, were above the law and could make accusations to serve the emperor, but when in power, most of them came to a very miserable end.Wu zetian period to him is a rogue, should have been idle for life, he met a difference in the lives of their people, however, that person is wu zetian, wu zetian is the only female emperor in Chinese history, but to the throne as emperor, is bound to challenge at that time many of the family, after all it is Li Tang jiangshan, as opposed to a bunch of people andIn order to deal with these people, the usual means certainly not, like Lai Junchen such rascal just right, lai Junchen in addition to the rascal behavior, but also a special cattle skills, is informant.With the support of wu zetian, came to him a few tangible, convened many rogue like themselves, actively to make false accusation, also make copies of a book to systematic training, tell you falsely accused process, on the establishment of jail time, let many people were property of genocide against wu zetian, in the last issue, wu zetian executed, is one such person,In addition to writing false accusations against others, many new punishments were introduced in prisons, one of which was called “abrupt Shouting”.The sudden Shouting of many punishments was mostly for the amusement of these cruel officers, who slowly tortured those they falsely accused of being put in prison, and then left them unable to live or beg for death. It was simply a group of inhuman people.”New Tang book” inside record “again make big cangue each for number: 1, settle 100 arteries, 2, gasp not, 3, sudden ground roar, 4, write namely minister……The cangue like ground, less choice and no.””, in which the “abrupt roar” is actually a kind of torture device, which is to put on the shackles of people, they begin to turn in circles on the ground, until you die.Now everyone in the playground, many children love to play a game, is that the rotor in the playground, the rotation jitter back and forth, many people down and estimate all stand, you think about it, if you carry a heavy wooden yoke, let you knelt on the ground, the circle, the click of a word is dizzy, so often, estimates that the body is unable to,In the end, he will be killed by those cruel officers.Conclusion these judges are ancient Kings in order to consolidate its imperial power and the use of means, and many people never heard of punishment, is under the judges had a slip, let the prisoners suffered the pain which is unable to imagine, looked at the lively children playground, let a person feel really lucky, your life so happy and in a humanistic society.

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