Female non-inheritors from Henan province created paper-cut works such as “Together towards the Future” full of winter Olympics elements

Jia Yanmei (left) shows her paper-cut work “Together for the Future”.Jia Yanmei for the magnificent Great Wall, running little tiger, lovely ice pier……”Hua mu LAN” hometown of shangqiu in henan province yucheng county paper-cut non genetic bearing yan-mei jia and hometown paper-cut rural cooperative of culture are invited for the Beijing Olympics, paper-cut works for 12 days created “to the future” the Chinese and Russian amorous feelings “and other four works, is a blend of Olympic mascot, Chinese culture and Russian culture elements.The picture shows a giant paper cutting work.Yan-mei jia for figure was born in “mulan” hometown of henan yucheng yan-mei jia favorite clipart, now she is in henan shangqiu non-material cultural heritage “folk multilayer paper-cut” the representation of the inheritance, innovation “paper-cut layered overlay method”, she broke the traditional paper-cut one hundred invariable plane model, highlights the 3 d stereo feeling, completed by the drawing and the cutting process,Integrate painting techniques into paper cutting.In 2012, her freehand brushwork Works Mulan Joins the Army and Beauty in shangqiu reached seven layers.In 2014, her work “The Fruits” reached 10 layers and received critical acclaim.On the occasion of the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games, Jia Yanmei and the members of the village culture cooperative of paper-cut in her hometown created four paper-cut works: “Toward the Future together”, “Chinese Style”, “Russian Style” and “Chinese and Russian Style”.Jia Yanmei (right) instructs the members of the village cultural cooperative of paper-cutting in her hometown.”Together toward the Future” is the theme slogan of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics promotion song.Yan-mei jia said that the design concept of paper-cut works together to the future, the peony and the Great Wall is a symbol of China, and outer layer is the best moire intertwined, has the meaning, such as luck and a symbol of the Chinese nation the people at heart, looking forward to the winter Olympic Games a complete success, the periphery is running cute little tiger and ice mound mound, together go to the future.The picture shows Jia Yanmei and the members of the village cultural cooperative of paper-cutting in her hometown making paper-cutting works.Jia Yanmei provided pictures of the “Chinese Style”, “Russian Style” and “Chinese and Russian style” three works are 7 meters long, 18 cm wide, the works are mainly red and white, including the Great Wall, China’s provincial landmarks and other Chinese elements as well as Russian elements.”This is the Erqi Tower in Zhengzhou, this is the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, this is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi ‘an, there are peonies, there are ballet dancers, and there are famous traditional buildings in Russia…”A 7 – meter – long large paper – cut works slowly unfold, picturesque paper – cut works lifelike.Yan-mei jia, amorous feelings of the Chinese and Russian, the overall use of china-russia international train as the main body, throughout the entire picture of the train window of the building and the scenery is trains to Beijing – ulan bator – Moscow way between China and Russia is the famous scenery site, give a person a kind of immersive feeling, but also reflects the cultural differences and architectural features.The picture shows Jia Yanmei making paper cutting work “Together for the Future”.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only an arena for ice sports, but also a port for displaying Traditional Chinese culture and cultural exchanges with other countries,” jia Yanmei said.Jia Yanmei said, “In the future, we must pass on this art, expand and strengthen the paper-cutting culture industry, promote cultural revitalization and rural revitalization, and make mulan’s hometown a beautiful cultural name card.”Source: Chinanews.com

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