Hefei has just issued an important announcement!

Hefei to further strengthen the current epidemic prevention and control work notice or prevent [2022] no. 5 for further grasp solid grasp the current epidemic prevention and control work, regarding the matters notice is as follows: a, full screen, the city’s hotels, guesthouses, supervise the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control regulations, do a good job in the high risk areas and outbreak epidemic prevention and control services sensitive area personnel.Second, strengthen GuoShengDao external fat vehicle service management, and city in FeiDong, FeiXi, changfeng, LuJiang, chaohu, each set up a temporary parking lot, as the high risk areas and outbreak sensitive areas to the passenger vehicle fixed detection place, fat free “antigen nucleic acid detection services, test results no abnormal rear can leave.Iii. Strengthen supervision and inspection of cultural and entertainment venues in the city. Before the end of this round of epidemic, relevant departments of public security, publicity, culture and tourism, market supervision and other relevant departments should carry out dragnet and regular inspections, and shut down all venues that do not comply with epidemic prevention and control regulations.Iv. Strictly implement the inspection of “Health code + Trip code”. All public places and communities should strictly check the health code and trip code.V. Strengthen epidemic prevention and control on campus in an all-round way. All colleges and universities in fattening areas should be included in local epidemic prevention and control management. Teachers, students and staff in fattening areas who need to be fattened should be reported to the municipal Epidemic prevention and control Emergency Headquarters for record.Offline off-campus education and training will continue to be suspended, and institutions and teachers who privately conduct offline off-campus training will be dealt with strictly and expeditiously in accordance with the law and regulations.All localities and departments should strictly implement the “four-party responsibility”, strictly implement all epidemic prevention and control instructions, and hold those who violate epidemic prevention and control regulations accountable in accordance with the law and regulations.Source: Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Center, March 27, 2022

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