The only winter Olympic torch bearer in Taiwan 30 years old Taiwanese businessman: only for sports did not receive any pressure

▲ Zhang Qi is the “only” torch bearer for 2022 Winter Olympics in Taiwan.(Photo/Journalist Ren Yifang) The torch relay for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be attended by 1,200 people.Among them, Zhang Qi, president of Beijing Grand Pacific Department store, was the only Taiwanese to participate in the torch relay.Zhang Qizheng said in an interview on October 10 that he was very excited when he heard the news at the beginning, and specially trained his feet to prepare for running 1 kilometer. Later he realized that he only needed to run 100 meters.Zhang feels very lucky to be the “only” torch bearer for the Winter Olympics in Taiwan, and stressed that there is no pressure or concern from Taiwan. After all, this is a sporting event, not a political one.”You can take a look at it. It’s really not very heavy.”Zhang Qizheng while holding the hands of the Winter Olympics torch, while explaining the torch relay at that time.As the “only” winter Olympic torch bearer in Taiwan, I also participated in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. I feel very lucky and happy to participate in both games.Talking about the fate of participating in the torch relay, It just happens that Zhang Qi is the winter Olympics friendly sponsor, business in Beijing for more than 30 years, so obtained as the torchbearer task.The 93-year-old mother knew that Zhang Qizheng could not spend the Spring Festival with his family, so she was very reluctant to let her son participate in this rare event.The whole family had the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner in advance, and Zhang Returned to Beijing for quarantine for 21 days in advance, and then entered the closed-loop area quarantine on February 1. He must keep healthy throughout the whole process, read the details of the torch relay, and keep “smile” and “posture” are included in the reading instructions.Zhang Qi, president of Beijing Kingtai Department Store and former president of Beijing Taiwan-funded Enterprises Association, is one of the Olympic torch relay participants.(Photo/provided by interviewees) Zhang Qi was arranged to stay at No.107 of the Winter Olympics Forest Park on The day of the torch relay on February 2.”I expected to wait for a long time for the cold wind, but I practiced running every day standing in front of the window,” he said. “I expected to run 1 kilometer, but I didn’t expect to run 100 meters.”In addition, all the sports clothes are also tailored. The outdoor temperature on the day of the torch relay was minus 2 degrees Celsius. Zhang qizheng only wore a long-sleeved shirt and shorts, and the clothes were made of warm and breathable materials.Zhang qizheng stressed that there was no pressure or concern from Taiwan, “it is for the sake of movement and movement, in order to let me have this opportunity to participate in the event.”The Olympics itself is sports-centric. If we follow this statement, the Style of the Olympics will change. I only see that everyone is supportive for this event.▲ Zhang Qizheng stressed that participating in the Winter Olympics is purely for sports and has not received any concerns.Zhang Qizheng’s department store in Xidan, Beijing, has been impacted by the epidemic in the past two years.”During the pandemic, there were moderate rent reductions for shopping mall stalls, which are still flexible,” he said.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many Consumers in Beijing have been unable to go abroad. No matter online or offline, they have started to have the mentality that “if you don’t spend money, you are not satisfied.”Let the department store retail trade open profit a lot instead.Finally, the development trend of mainland economy under the 14th Five-Year Plan is discussed.’The business environment on the mainland is changing all the time,’ Zhang said.In the past, there were more than 300,000 or 400,000 people shopping in Xidan, Beijing every weekend. Now the consumption sector has shifted, and department stores must be readjust to match with e-commerce.He also believes that the best service will focus on the customer adhesion, and he is confident to continue to develop and advance in the mainland with the concerted efforts of his colleagues from Taiwan over ten years ago.

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