A man drives a car stealthily, putting “black silk” on his license plate and opening the door

There are only 12 points in each scoring period, after which the driver has to take subject 1 again.If a car owner loses 24 points in a point cycle, he will be forced to relearn subjects 1 and 3.In order to avoid being caught by surveillance cameras after the violation, the car owners use every trick in the book to escape the violation.Xi ‘an a traffic police daily inspection process found a Wuling Rongguang van, the driver of the furtive behavior.Traffic police often check the car has long trained the ability to see the car on the feeling that the driver has a problem.Traffic police pulled the car over and found the license plate was covered with a black foreign object.After checking the driver’s id, the policeman called him to the back of the car and asked him what was in the way of the license plate.The driver was flustered and hesitant, and finally told the traffic police that there was a silk stocking on the license plate.The traffic police removed the foreign body blocking the license plate, and found that the license plate was indeed covered with a black stockings, stockings will be the last two numbers on the license plate blocked.The car owner is not only suspected of deliberately block the license plate, but also has overloading behavior.The van was supposed to carry seven people, but it was actually filled with 11 people, accounting for 57 percent overcrowding.The driver told the traffic police that he was wearing silk stockings on the license plate mainly to avoid violation of regulations, the car sat 11 people, in case of being overbooked by surveillance cameras, will certainly deduct points fines.The police gave the driver a fine of 1,000 yuan and 12 points on his driver’s license for illegal acts such as overloading, deliberately blocking his license plate and failing to wear seat belts.The driver felt very regretful after receiving the ticket. He had tried to avoid the violation by covering his license plate, but the punishment was worse.Traffic police often found car owners with masks, tape and other things to cover the license plate, the owner thought that using such a method to avoid violations, did not expect a deduction of 12 points, but also a fine of 200 yuan.China’s traffic regulations on blocking license plates, tampering with license plates, the use of these illegal acts of severe punishment, I hope we do not take the risk.The harm of vehicle overload: first, affect the braking system.Each car has the maximum load and the number of people, the vehicle overload will lead to the weight of the vehicle increase, when the emergency situation, will affect the effect of emergency braking.Second, crush the axle.The number of passengers in the minibus is limited to seven, and many minibus drivers remove the seats in order to pull some goods.Van cargo capacity is limited, the vehicle overloading after overcrowding will crush the axle, increase security risks.Third, the vehicle rolled over.Inertia will increase after vehicle overload, when the owner hits the steering wheel in an emergency, the vehicle is easy to throw out because of inertia, causing serious consequences of rollover.Overloading and blocking license plates are serious offenses that traffic police will not relent on once caught.Many owners think smart, with tape and masks to cover the license plate, did not expect a road was checked by the traffic police.Any blocking will result in 12 demerit points, and the driver will have to retake a subject to get his license back.According to China’s road Traffic Safety Law, 12 points will be deducted from intentionally blocking the license plate, and a fine of 200 to 1000 yuan will be imposed.Drivers must take subject 1 again and complete the test before they are eligible to drive again.The score on your driver’s license is hard won and I hope you cherish it.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete

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