A new asymptomatic case has been reported in Maoming, Guangdong province

Guangdong maoming binhai new area WeChat public message, maoming binhai new area COVID – 19 pandemic control headquarters office bulletin, March 26, the binhai new area in 21 days to Hong Kong entry to remove isolated nucleic acid testing for alum personnel after 1 case was found in early screening positive case, ratified by the municipal people’s hospital experts, as will be infected with the coronavirus asymptomatic.Situation is as follows: Wu Mou, male, 44 years old, lamma island in Hong Kong engaged in fish farming, fishing boats from Hong Kong on March 5 back to zhuhai, zhuhai xiangzhou district has injected in nanping town, remove the 21st day after concentrated isolation, nursing home on March 25 evening arrived in binhai new area electric town north village, March 27 the nikkei expert group consultation, as will be infected with the coronavirus asymptomatic.At present, the asymptomatic infected person has been transferred to a designated treatment site in a closed loop.According to the preliminary flow survey, the main activities of the above case since March 25 were as follows: After lifting the 21-day centralized isolation in nanping Town nursing home in Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai from 18:00 to 21:00 on March 25, the case returned to his home in Beishan Village, Diancheng Town, Binhai New Area by online taxi without getting off the bus.21:00-21:30 Stay at home;21:30-22:00 Drove a motorcycle to Jushan Health Center for nucleic acid sampling;22:00 drove a motorcycle to return home, then did not go out at home.March 26, 8:30-15:00 At home;15:00 — 16:00 Drive a motorcycle to the pure barber shop near Diancheng Xihai Market to have your hair cut;Returned by motorbike at 16:00, then stayed at home.Those who have been in contact with the path of asymptomatic infected persons since March 25 are requested to take nucleic acid tests at nearby places in a timely manner. Until the test results are confirmed, they should stay at home, refrain from taking public transport, entering public places or participating in gathering activities.Those with “red health code” should immediately report to their community or hotel, take good personal protection and wait in place, and the community “three-person team” will manage them according to corresponding health management measures.Health code “yellow code” personnel must take nucleic acid test twice within 3 days, and the interval between the two nucleic acid tests must be more than 24 hours.In particular, if the first test result is negative, the health code will be changed to “green code” for a short time and then to “yellow code” again to prompt you to take the second test as required.If both nucleic acid test results are negative, your health code will be officially changed to “green code”.

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