Merchants garden commercial street publicity, the future will become Red street?

Wuhan Zhaocheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. applied for “Jingkai Project 152 (EF Block)” to natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District).The plan is located in 1MA plot of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Shenlong Third Road in the west and Tiyu Road in the east. The planned land nature is commercial service facility land, with a land area of 42305.70 square meters and a total construction area of 63,458 square meters. There are 4 2-3 floors commercial buildings and 2 13-floor office buildings (including floor business and public distribution).Underground parking 841 vehicles.It is planned to apply for the construction engineering planning permit for new buildings according to the scheme, and the general plane design drawing is now published in accordance with relevant provisions.This project is the first commercial street (commercial body) laid out by China Merchants Shekou, located in Urban Construction & Future Center of China Merchants Shekou, Wuhan. At present, the project has started the construction bidding process, and the construction unit is expected to enter the building around April.At present, there are many commercial streets, but the volume is not very large, such as allied to the golden harbour Hi Street, Jianlong · Dun Kou World, France Street, Double lake Lin Yuyue Street.The advertised investment garden commercial street phase I (EF plot) and before the commercial street before the essential difference!There is wuhan’s first automobile museum (in planning), merchants Garden commercial street in the middle of the first and second phase of the car theme park, a number of scenic spots, plus the whole commercial street is the fourth generation of commercial and residential layout!Later people flow will be a great guarantee!As for the layout of commercial pattern in the merchants Garden, we will discuss it again in the next issue.

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