My Clipping books: Two newspaper clippings from 20 years ago that I read as books

The author only learned the slope on one source | | named states Confucius books web APP dynamic really want to thank the year-end large finishing cleaning, let me turn to a group of about 20 years ago old stuff, including two clippings.In those days, I read them as books.Twenty years ago, I worked in the countryside as the chief instructor of the Young Pioneers in the township where I worked.The unit is called education group, is in charge of the town’s primary and secondary education administrative organs.Rural schools focus on enrollment rate and pay little attention to team work.Therefore, my work in the education group was nominally similar to that of a civil servant, but in fact I was more engaged in such tedious clerical work as writing publicity materials, assisting in family planning, and issuing notices. It was really very annoying.In administrative units, can enjoy an additional treatment is that public subscription of newspapers and periodicals is more, there are a lot of party newspaper’s journal, such as Guangming Daily, the People’s Daily, henan daily, puyang daily, etc., and belongs to the mouth of the team, the “Chinese juveniles” Chinese middle school student newspaper, the education of China education newspaper, The Times of education, etc.My clippings book, articles mostly from these newspapers.I remember there was a doggerel to describe the status quo of civil servants’ office in the late 1990s: a cup of tea, a cigarette, a newspaper to read for a long time.That’s true.Because I love literature, I pay most attention to newspaper supplements.From time to time, some good articles appear in newspaper supplements. If I read them too much, I feel itchy to keep them permanently and read them in my spare time.One day IT occurred to me that the newspapers I read were useless anyway. Most of them were sold for scrap. Why not make some clippings and read them myself?!On a whim, I bought scissors and glue, and my clipping book came into being.I remember that the newspaper clippings at that time were intermittent and I did more than ten books.Of course, there was a time when I was restless and moved around a lot, and many of the clipping books were lost, except for the two that I have. I suppose I kept them to keep a fond memory of the past.Look at these two newspaper clippings in hand. They are still intact.One of the clippings was pasted to a neat little notebook stamped in red with the words “Presented by the Third Puyang County Youth Congress, June 2000”, apparently handed out during a visit to the county youth Congress.In terms of content, most of the clippings are from the central newspapers of the league, such as China Middle School Student Newspaper and China Youth Daily. Most of them are inspirational articles, such as how to Work Hard?Six road signs, the life on the road “and so on, there are also some famous works, such as daisaku ikeda’s hard-working to every day the sun rises, Chen kaige” I see the zhang yimou “and so on, more is some articles about one’s deceased father grind, such as the ten reasons of one’s deceased father grind, one’s deceased father grind the essential six quality etc, when I prepare for one’s deceased father grind during editing.And some is about the career design, such as “do” to “send”, is about how to be a freelance writer, visiting Beijing research group is focused on research hot at that time, the status quo, is obviously I was a reflection of the career anxiety, I’m not satisfied with their work situation at that time, and one’s deceased father grind and frustration coming ashore eventually (3),There is a kind of hesitation and loss to his future.In contrast, the other scrapbook is more artistic.It contained one of my favorite essays, “Suzhou Guest Book,” by Zeng Yiguo (PhD director at Jinan University, former professor at Soochow University). This poetic and picturesque essay was wet and inspired me to further yearn for the apricot blossom spring rain in The South of The Yangtze River.Of course, there are some articles similar to the impression of writers in this clipping, such as “Remembering Yu Dafu again”, “Lu Wenfu: Holding the Hand of Suzhou” and so on, which are the memories and memories of some famous literary celebrities.Time has changed. In 2007, I took the postgraduate entrance exam and came ashore. Due to my busy studies, I stopped making newspaper clippings.In the middle of the period, due to the change of my study and work unit, I have no fixed place and moved several times, many of the clippings have already disappeared, but I still stubbornly keep these two clippings, which leave the obvious mark of my study and life, for no other reason, but to commemorate a period of long gone struggle time…(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)

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