The army features ten barracks for the Spring Festival, as well as valiant female soldiers and beautiful military wives

How to spend the year in the barracks, in addition to the common inserting colorful flags, hanging lanterns, sticking Spring Festival couplets, fireworks, there are ten features, so that the taste of the New Year in the barracks is stronger.First, the organization of combat readiness pull the holiday do not forget combat readiness, this is the primary task of the military camp New Year, at any time to maintain the ability to fight at any time.Therefore, the officers and soldiers should be on duty strictly, prepare war supplies, and be ready to go at any time when they hear the emergency call whistle.During the Spring Festival, even if there is no situation, it is necessary to pull the drill several times, female soldiers are no exception.Two, tea party to see the Spring Festival Gala On New Year’s Eve, after dinner, began to watch the Spring Festival Gala tea party, a company of dozens of people, eating and drinking, chatting, while watching the Spring Festival Gala, laughter and laughter.Three, chief help soldiers stand guard a year on New Year’s Eve this night, the soldiers do not have to stand guard, after dinner, up to the general, down to the platoon leader, took the sentry hands on duty guns, onto the post.The soldiers went to watch the Spring Festival Gala happily.In addition to watching the Spring Festival Gala, during the Spring Festival, all levels of the army have to organize their own Spring Festival Gala in the barracks. The officers and men write and perform the Spring Festival Gala by themselves. Although they are all amateur actors, the officers and men enjoy it and are busy with one party after another.Five, the organization of garden activities usually on the first day of the New Year, the playground will be surging, all kinds of fun games are wonderful, and all free to play, rich and colorful prizes.As an old tradition, during the Spring Festival, each company will hold a Spring Festival board newspaper to activate the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Units above the regiment will organize a concentrated display of board newspaper. The level of the army board newspaper is praised by people.It is very hard for soldiers to help cook in the cooking class at ordinary times, so during the Spring Festival, company cadres and other soldiers will arrange to help cook in the cooking class and let the cooks rest for a few days.You can also show off your cooking skills.Eight, to carry out a series of cultural and sports activities several days during the Spring Festival, cultural and sports activities are fully arranged, tug-of-war, balls, chess, online games…Everything, is to let the soldiers completely relax, at the same time in the activity to enhance the unity of the unit and cohesion.Many military wives and children come to visit their relatives during the Spring Festival, becoming a beautiful scenery line in the barracks.Usually units above the regiment will organize a forum for military wives to thank them for their support and understanding of their husbands, and their families can also strengthen communication and familiarity.10. Different from local areas, it is not allowed to visit each other during the Spring Festival within the army, and subordinates are not allowed to visit their commanders’ homes.New Year’s greetings are sent through SMS wechat, which is the implementation of the central eight provisions of the specific requirements.(All pictures in this article are from the Internet)

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