Master the lifestyle marketing “traffic password”, fashion can also become fragrant

A cup of coffee…A fashion magazine…A pleasant afternoon…Perhaps no one could refuse such a life.Lifestyle marketing has become the new future of fashion brand “strategy” for young consumer groups.Check out the latest lifestyle trends!/ Ralph Lauren successfully cross the catering industry/Ralph&#39, the American classic fashion brand Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren);S Coffee has opened a new branch in Beijing’s Wangfu Central District.Previously, Ralph&#39 had just opened in Taikoo Li sanlitun, Beijing.S Coffee’s first store in mainland China.The decoration of the whole store is consistent with Ralph Lauren’s classic retro style, with dark green as the main color, with white walls and wooden structure decoration, which is very American style.Meanwhile, consumers can buy from Ralph'S Coffee directly reaches Ralph Lauren clothing sales area. In addition to clothing, the shop also displays watches, accessories, fragrances, tableware, home furnishing and other lifestyle products.Ralph&#39, Sanlitun, Beijing;Ralph&#39, s Coffee’s first store in Mainland China;S Coffee, with its casual yet exquisite environment and the support of the brand’s fashion background, has gained the love of domestic consumers. Netizens have posted their photos of punching in the card on social media.Since 1999, Ralph Lauren has opened more than ten restaurants, cafes and bars in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, becoming a successful case of luxury brand extension.Italian luxury brand Gucci has opened a new cafe in Florence, Italy, as well as a cocktail bar called Giardino 25, which will soon open to the public.This isn’t Gucci’s first foray into the restaurant business, as the first Gucci Osteria restaurant opened in Florence, Italy, back in 2018.Designed by Gucci creative Director Alessandro Michele, this “Romantic vintage Garden Restaurant” does its best to showcase the classic Gucci vintage aesthetic.While overseas fashion brands continue to expand market segments, the “fashion + lifestyle” marketing of domestic brands is also in the limelight.POP MART and Hollyway have created a blind Box cake with Bubble Cheese.Brand new design bubble mart popular IP – Pucky Biqi elf image leap on the exquisite dessert, and the blind box play with cheese pastry creative combination, open up the young consumer circle layer.The situation that fashionable brand undertakes business outspread to catering group is evolving step by step, believe future still will see more novel and interesting cross bound mix build style.The broad concept of “lifestyle” covers all aspects.Not only catering industry, technology, culture, health, home furnishing, e-sports and so on are the current hot fashion marketing topics.With the improvement of technology and people’s desire to pursue a better life, we can already see more and more beneficial attempts of “fashion plus”.Fashion + e-sports mobile game “Peace Elite” and “China’s famous high-end designer” Lawrence Xu, based on miao dragon patterns as inspiration, to create peace Elite’s first high-end designer co-branded game skin — “Spirit Embroidery” series.The embroidery sample and silver ornaments of “high mountain” collide with the trend style with modern urban characteristics of Chongqing.At the same time, The first custom-made designer ready-to-wear “Butterfly Change” jointly created by Lawrence Xu and Peace Elite also made an amazing appearance on the show of 2021 Beijing Fashion Week.In the same event, a dialogue between fashion and technology was staged in Beijing Fashion Week 2021.Haier Refrigerator works with GUIBEN brand designer Li Kunni to demonstrate the beauty of technological life with authentic fashion.Models travel freely in the time and space between humanity and technology, and audiences are brought into a borderless dialogue between technology and aesthetics.Italian luxury brand Loro Piana has launched its exclusive 2022 interior decor Collection, the brand’s first home decor Collection.The collection includes sofas, lounge chairs and a range of blankets and cushions inspired by Loro Piana’s textile tradition and crafted in unique hues.Francesco Pergamo, Director of Interior Decoration at Loro Piana, said: “This new collection is a major milestone for Loro Piana interior decoration and a complete renovation.”Under the situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, masks have become an essential item for People’s Daily life and travel.At the same time, some fashion brands have launched printed masks with logo versions, which make masks more fashionable on the basis of safety and practicality.Printed masks from some fashion brands are frequently seen in the street photos of celebrity artists.At the arrival of the 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year — the Year of Yin tiger, as a local Chinese traditional custom, “sending red envelopes” “receiving red envelopes” can be said to be one of the reasons people are most looking forward to the New Year.Nowadays in China, electronic payment has gradually replaced cash and occupied the center of people’s life. “Electronic red envelope” has become the most convenient and popular way of social interaction.Overseas fashion brands seem to smell the “traffic password” of the domestic market, and have launched the limited edition of the Chinese Year of the Tiger electronic red envelope cover, combining the brand image with the “Year of the Tiger” elements, which has received enthusiastic support from netizens, and even sent keywords such as “red envelope cover” to the network hot search.Fashion has crept into our daily lives.To be sure, in this era of highly integrated Internet, culture and life, each of us will also create more unique fashion styles in each ordinary daily life!

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