Strong deterrence of street crime Jimo police patrol prevention and control work before the Spring Festival

Letter on January 25, – (correspondent Sun Renqiang The reporter Lu Yanrong) in order to stabilize social order during the Spring Festival, safeguard the people celebrate the festival, the public security bureau of cieme in combination with the current social security situation, strengthen the street level public security patrol, to the highest standards, most measures, the most weiwei, solidly carry out all-round, the whole time stability security prevention and control work,Effectively improve the street police rate, the rate of stewarding, strong deterrence street crime, so that the police lights flashing into the hearts of the masses of winter warmth, protect the peace of Jimo.Strengthen scientific deployment, improve stewards efficiency Closely combined with the characteristics of the area of public security, reasonable arrangement of patrol and control work, adhere to the police station on the street, standby duty, regular 24 hours of dynamic patrol on key road sections and key parts of the area.At night, patrol and control should be strengthened in residential areas, especially in residential areas where people are densely distributed, night markets, and the back of streets and alleys, extending the police force to every corner of the area under their jurisdiction, discovering and dealing with the current warning situation in a timely manner, and effectively deterrence, cracking down and preventing all kinds of crimes.(source:Cieme public security) strengthen daily inspection, to eliminate potential safety problems in combination with the million p into thousands of “activities, to the districts along the street merchants, key units, financial networks, business places, bus station, railway stations and other personnel intensive place to carry out security checks, focus on safety measures, personnel management, fire safety, etc. To carry out the situation to conduct a comprehensive inspection, urged to carry out the check list self-checking,Eliminate all kinds of security risks in a timely manner and further plug security loopholes.(Source: Jimo Public Security Bureau) Strengthen publicity and guidance, enhance awareness of prevention patrol prevention and control with anti-fraud publicity, anti-drug publicity and other work organically, reduce the occurrence of preventable cases.During the patrol, the public’s awareness of safety and prevention is constantly raised by means of distributing propaganda color pages, putting on display boards and consulting on the spot, so as to maximize the space for crimes and create a safe and peaceful social security environment for the general public.(Source: Jimo Public Security)

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