New Year car to enjoy 8 heavy courtesy resources, the day can be mentioned

Nanchang Hengxin Audi New Year shopping season when the New Year car buying enjoy 8 times of courtesy resources, the day can be raised audi all strong hui enjoy in advance!Play is the heartbeat, send enough surprise, on-site car booking more enjoy exclusive network luxury gift package Nanchang Aolong Audi 4S shop has been fully disinfection, invite you to come “Nanchang Hengxin Aolong Audi network sales department dedicated benefits!New Audi Q2L E-TRON, no burning oil, no limit to brand, you deserve to have from now on through the network or phone to find network marketing consultant replacement of domestic cars designated models can send a value of 6888 yuan network marketing gift package, any brand replacement of any Audi models, can participate in free evaluation, replacement of designated models successfully send another 1000 to 20000 yuan subsidy!Network sales customers exclusive network sales price, to the store to find network sales consultant see the car, send network sales to the store gift!Network sales car hotline 0791-88379788” better price, better service, come through the network inquiry customers have exclusive concessions!Address: No. 4288, Intersection of Gaoxin Avenue and Changnan Avenue, High-tech Zone, Nanchang, China

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