“The Blood of the Beast” Chapter 4

Slowly, holding beautiful ** liu shock gradually felt the small fox carefully door began to warm, this is a good phenomenon, as long as her body can hide the heat, perhaps there is saved.Liu shocked the hand to recruit from her shoulder to slide down the Wolf skin, her bare shoulder carefully covered solid, picked up her white pink tender arm, keep rubbing with the hand, gradually, the arm of the small fox also gradually become red.Liu zhenzhen stared at the face of the little fox without blinking. Only after a rush of thoughtless work did he have time to appreciate the extremely beautiful face in his arms.The bridge of the nose of the small fox is very high, eyebrows and eyes are very fine, the water color of the skin is very good, the ivory color of the skin is covered in the red head, but also white dazzling.Liu felt that the face of the little fox gave him an indescribable feeling. After thinking about it, he recalled the impression left on him when he was shown a famous broken shoe in the production team before joining the army.To the new said download is * shock immediately denied this statement, which girls are in a coma can * is not nonsense.Is heady!Is a kind of innate charm that can shake a man’s heart!That’s what this face was born to look like!Liu Shocked from his limited vocabulary finally searched out the key comments.Sharp chin, long eyelashes, lovely little mouth, perfect body.There are countless beautiful women, some solemn, some mighty, some cold iceberg, but the natural * appearance can make men have imaginary thoughts definitely belong to this.Although Liu Zhenzhen had never seen the girl’s eyes open, he imagined that they must be a pair of talking eyes, and that they were very sure of water.Thinking about thinking about, Liu shock can not help but hold some tight.Coconut gourd there sound also more and more rapid, Liu Zhenjiang in the heart of his shameless cheap rogue dirty, but can not control their own, he also knew that his heart so malicious, really sorry for a little girl he had just saved a life, but he still can not control their own.Suddenly feel small belly there a burst of hairy peristalsis, Liu shocked a leng, fruit fruit small head from the arms out of the half, big ears proudly sway to and fro, a small person to succeed.”You little git!Scared me to death!”Liu Zhenzhen made a face at the little thing, blushing.Fruit fruit “squeak” call, also spit toward him puke pink tender small tongue, big tail is still in Liu shock navel eye there a burst of proud fierce sweep.No matter how to say, fruit fruit this, it is to let Liu shock from the disorderly thought awake come over, because this small episode one interrupt, Liu Zhen shake red face also began to ebb tide.From female trap out of the dead end liu shock, and fell into another question.In front of all of this brought him too much doubt, Mr Liu shake oneself is also confused, clearly is sacrificed himself first, born on the battlefield scene scene recall now, but why you awake in an unmanned island, the island must have strange beast, now more than a long elephant man and there is a fox’s tail girl,And very beautiful.Liu Zhenzhen didn’t know how many times he had been thinking about this question in the past two days, and his head almost exploded.The sky was getting brighter, and the sun was slowly smiling from the sea level. Looking at the water drops hanging on the brambles at the gate and the dense fog on the distant hills, Liu felt as if he had been in a dream.The nose floated to a trace of if there is if there is no aroma, is his arms of the little fox out of the body, how good smell of fragrance ah, Liu shock can not help but think of the hometown gardenia.Liu shock feeling the arms of the body no longer last night so cold, hurriedly spread the Wolf skin in the ** of the grass bed, put the little fox body flat, Wolf skin half cushion half wrapped her body, just good enough.Spread the little fox, Liu shocked and saw the most should not see the place, he only feel his brain a sound, almost did not stand, scrambling to Wolf skin plate tucked small fox’s thigh, and the big tail stuffed in.Small fox eyebrow wrinkles, lips slightly wiggling in, Mr Liu we regret also don’t know whether she wants to talk or think what, hurriedly picked up a coconut, with machetes gouged out a big hole in it, want to give her put coconut milk, coconut milk natural vitamin, however, have the syringe, Mr Liu shake is really want to give her an injection needle coconut juice.Although the little fox’s lips were very dry, she kept her mouth shut and couldn’t get the coconut water into her mouth. Liu Shook her mouth several times and the coconut water filled a Wolf skin plate.Liu shook and touched her head, hot branding people, “bad!”Liu shock know this time high fever, sometimes is fatal, hurriedly clap open a coconut, the fruit picked over, to the fruit pointed to the coconut.Fruit fruit is not polite, jumped into the coconut is a big chew, did not eat two and liu shook out.Shock pointed to the coconut, guo Guo did a jet action.Guo Guo shook his head, a face of reluctance.”Hurry up!Liu shock board up face, a red tide did not retreat of the big face with a mahjong as rigid.Fruit fruit had to jump out of the coconut, hold back enough strength, ejected a breath group, coconut juice and coconut meat met that tuo air group, immediately quickly crystallized, turned into a mass of ice.After seeing the fruit spouted air mass, suddenly changed down, even the original bright yellow fur is a bit bleak, Liu shock is a burst of love, hug the fruit fierce kiss a few mouth.With their own socks wrapped in a group of ice, applied to the forehead of the small fox, Liu shocked himself to ease his breath, and quickly contained a mouthful of coconut water, mouth to mouth across a few coconut water to the small fox, this little fox is to drink the water, but also choking cough several times.’There, there!Liu shocked himself and wiped the sweat.Without waiting for him to stop, Guoguo quickly ran to the place where little Fox stayed, lying on the Wolf skin mattress, belly turned, eyes blinking at Liu Shock, mouth kept pounding, put on a thirsty appearance, “Guoguo” “Guoguo” to keep barking, big tail flicker flicker.”This small B raise of!”Liu shock gas straight rolling eyes, no way, scold scold, or had to contain two coconut juice, mouth to mouth cross to it.Looking at the dripping house, Liu shook and thought about how to make something hot for the fox. After thinking about it, he had an idea. He picked up the cutlass and went to the tamarix forest.Halfway down the road, pull the bushes encounter barley grass there is a fat rabbit like small animals drilled out, Liu Zhen shake lost pull the tree, jumped up to catch, fat rabbit mouth a, fly out of the water arrow from inside, “zi slip” a sound, rub Liu Zhen shake arm ** a gap.’Grandly!Liu Zhen shake pain of show teeth, or a clutch fat rabbit, neck a twist to it dead.Latest TXT novel download, do say in hand!The net!Lao Liu had seen a lot of these fat rabbits in recent days, and the thorns had become so numerous that he went into his hole like a mouse when he saw him. Liu Zhenhan was busy weeding his house and making POTS and pans with salt, and had hitherto hitherto failed to come and take care of them.Liu shocked and looked at the wound. Although there was a lot of blood, the wound was not deep enough.’This wretched place!Liu zhen shook his head for a while, feeling hopeless. Everything had this quaint thing, except the seabirds in the sky. He had never seen such strange things before, and now he was suffering.Back home, Liu Zhenshake hurriedly put the long skirt of the little fox in the corner to tear a corner down, the arm to bind up once.He also trimmed the branches of the red willow tree he cut back, and used a machete to cut off the wet bark, exposing the white stubble inside. When Liu shook the bark, he marveled that the knife in his hand worked well.The trunks, which had been stripped of their wet bark, soon caught fire. They seemed to be full of grease, and not only did they always spit resin, but they were also very fire-resistant, and when they burned they bounced like bamboo.Outside the two large POTS, it was filled with a lot of rain last night, Liu shocked a pot to clean up the fat rabbit, a fire stewed up the rabbit meat.Back to touch the fox’s head, fever has basically retreated, the face is much better, Liu Zhenzhen saw her eyes can barely open a point, his heart is also very happy, a silly smile.And little fox mouth to mouth cross a little coconut water, Liu Zhenjiang to help her throw clothes on the ground to dry up.Liu blushed terribly when she shook the clothes to dry. She didn’t feel the coconut water when she gave the fox mouth to mouth, but as soon as she hung the clothes, she remembered that she was already awake. Is it appropriate to do so?My face burned as I thought about it.The big pot of mussel shell spread a burst of meat fragrance, Liu shocked a look back, see guoguo is standing on the hearth stone, peeping into the pot to look, scared him quickly lunge up, pulling its big ear to carry it down.”Burn you to death, you little brute!Liu shock saliva scold four splash, little one face of irrelevant.Liu shook scold along while, his arm more pain, looked at the cloth belt son, there is blood ooze out, red red.”Mom, how come I haven’t stopped here!”Liu shook tightly tightly bandaged cloth belt son, oneself all feel injustice, was hurt by a rabbit, really too have no face.Seeing that the rabbit meat was almost burned, Liu quickly moved the fire away and moved the bed where the fox was lying to the place where the fire had just burned. Liu felt shocked that it would be much warmer than lying on the Wolf skin plate.When changing bedding, the Wolf skin on the little fox slipped down again, revealing the inside like a congealed penis.The fox could open her eyes now. Liu shook his hands and scrambled to tuck her in, but he did not dare to meet her eyes.Lao Liu’s hand touched the wrong place again. When he felt that he was gripping something soft and fluffy and could not feel the Wolf skin plate, he looked up and both of them were completely dumbstruck.Liu shocked the big face into a block of iron.

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