Wang Yuanyuan, Donnie Yen’s sister-in-law, fell in love at 23 and married a wealthy family at 27

There are thousands of rich people in China, and half of them are from Hong Kong.The actresses into the rich squeeze broke head, before There is Reis upper, after Leong Loshi even gave birth to son bihun Li Zekai.Some became the lady of the palace, and some left with grudges.But marrying into a rich family is just a ticket, and it depends on your ability to keep it.The surface is to enjoy the rich and powerful too, inside is the doormat of her husband’s family.Luck and misfortune, it is difficult to determine.Wang Yuanyuan, on the other hand, is loved by her husband’s family and is described by Hong Kong media as “the richest daughter-in-law of a rich family”.Mother-in-law pain, husband love, even born three children sit firmly granny.18 line little star of previous experience of her, in the end is how step by step to 10 billion daughter-in-law position?1. In 1986, a daughter was born to a wealthy businessman’s family. Her parents named her Wang Yuanyuan.She also has a sister, Wang Shishi.Wang’s father is doing jewelry business, running around all the year round, and his sisters are mostly educated by their mother.Wang, who lives comfortably on her husband’s wealth, knows how important a good marriage is to a woman.It is far more comfortable to marry rich than to struggle for your career.Therefore, Wang mother wants to make the daughter marry into the famous yuan young lady of the rich and powerful family, live the nourishing day without worry.It is not so easy to be a famous socialite, and the Wang sisters have suffered a lot from it.Wang yuanyuan’s earliest childhood memory is her mother’s stern face.Wang’s mother laid down strict rules for her daughter, and whenever Wang and her sister broke them, Wang’s mother would punish her with minor punishments.In ordinary families, children are held in the palm of their hands by the elders, chasing after food is not a minority.Wang and her sisters had to wait for all the elders to take their seats before they could sit down to eat.In addition, Wang mother from childhood training daughter into the kitchen, taught a good skill cooking.After all, in the eyes of most rich and powerful families, their daughters-in-law have to work in the kitchen to take better care of their young masters.Deportment is wang mother eyes of the most important, line, sit, stand are having standards, ask the daughter to raise her head, not stooping back, to have the proud yuan.Of course, it’s only drizzle, and there’s still a long way to go before you become a socialite.Wang’s mother spent a lot of money to send her daughter to an aristocratic school to learn dancing and Musical Instruments.The so-called socialite, not only have wealth, but also have talent.Wang Yuanyuan in the mother’s arrangement to the other side of the ocean to study abroad, to the degree of gold.Although thousands of miles away, But Wang’s mother did not relax the supervision of her daughter, she asked Wang yuanyuan must go home every night, if there are other weekend arrangements to report to her.The most important thing is not to fall in love before adulthood.After all, no rich mother-in-law likes a daughter-in-law with a rich love history and a messy personal life.In this way, under the cultivation of Wang’s mother, Wang Yuanyuan and her sisters became elegant and moving ladies, showing their ladylike demeanor.Everything is ready only owe east wind, Wang Yuanyuan sisters from the rich only a rich husband.Two, of course, the gold husband will not be sent to the door, but also need the sisters to find their own.So Wang sent her two daughters into the entertainment industry.Wang yuanyuan, 12, started her career as a jeweler in her family’s jewelry business and later appeared in several TV series, including a supporting role in The Man in the Cloud.It’s a pity that the stars in this drama are all great beauties, with the striking Tian Li in front and the moving Jiang Qinqin in the back, and no one will put their eyes on the little-known Wang Yuanyuan.Wang Yuanyuan in the entertainment industry road, really not easy.Neither acting nor the status of being rich and white aroused much excitement.In contrast, sister Wang Shishi took the lead in winning a city.Wang Shishi did not go to the film circle, chose a completely different path with her sister.In 2000, Wang Shishi took part in a beauty pageant and entered the battle for a powerful family.Wang Shishi, with her slim figure and charming features, won the Miss Chinese Toronto beauty contest, killing one of her competitors.At this point, Wang shi shi fame.After tasting the sweet taste, Wang Shishi took part in the TVB beauty contest, but failed.The media said that her previous miss Beauty title was bought with money and she was a fake.Wang Shishi ignored these remarks and still participated in beauty pageants, brushing her face in various competitions.That’s how Ms. Wang got tickets to high-end parties and met Mr. Yen.At that time, Donnie Yen was not well-known, but he did not make it to the front line, and he had a history of marriage, which was not a good condition.Ms. Wang, 18 years younger than Mr. Yen and half a head taller, is the apple of jewelers’ eyes and, to outsiders, looks like Mr. Yen is out of it.But Wang sishi does not think so. She thinks Donnie yen has a promising future and will not stay in this small place of Hong Kong film industry.Wang’s bet turned out to be right, and Donnie slowly exploded into a sought-after kung fu superstar.Wang Shi Shi also lived a dream of rich wife life.Sure enough, you need vision to succeed.Donnie yen did not forget to help his sister-in-law after he became successful.He cast Ms. Wang in his films, slowly bringing her into Hong Kong’s inner circle.But even with donnie yen’s efforts, Wang Shishi is still tepid, just slowly in the entertainment industry.Looking at her sister has reached her mother’s expectations, the daily life of a rich rich wife, he can only play soy sauce in the entertainment industry, Wang Shishi is inevitably a little depressed.Depressed at that time, she had no idea that her fortune was higher than that of her sister.It’s just that she’s walking a little hard on this rich road.Like her sister, Wang shishi began to frequent high-end wine parties and become a long-sleeve-dancing social butterfly.In 2009, Wang shishi met Fang Zhenwen, 13 years older than her.Fang Zhenwen made tea drinks, the company opened several, under the name of countless assets.Although not as famous as the king of gambling and the Fok family, it is also the richest person in Hong Kong, who is much richer than Donnie Yen.Although the age gap is very big, but Fang Zhenwen is from a wealthy family, wang family is not picky, Wang Yuanyuan himself said that “age is just a number”.This was Wang yuanyuan’s first love, and although he was not romantic enough, he was accommodating enough to make her feel comfortable.Unfortunately, these two people, a covet each other’s wealth, a covet each other’s young, how long?As soon as the novelty wore off, the two broke up.Fortunately, they broke up amicably and did not cheat on abortion, which is more respectable than the average rich couple.It is first love, after all, plus miss a rich family, wang Yuanyuan shows frustrated slightly in a period of time after breaking up.A blessing in disguise never knows a blessing in disguise.Lost a Fang Zhenwen, Wang Yuanyuan ushered in a bigger wealth son-in-law — CAI Jia crown prince CAI Jia Zan.Compared with predecessor Fang Zhenwen, CAI Jiazan obviously better conditions.Do not say CAI Jiazan looks very handsome, only two people age consistent with many alongside the rich actress envy.Again CAI Jia Zan this person, although it is rich second generation, but not a dandy bad habits.Most of Hong Kong’s rich sons have a long history of relationships, ranging from young models to a-list actresses, and are known to have flirts everywhere.And CAI Jiazan is not the same, is a very pure person, met Wang Yuanyuan before, did not spread any gossip.Countless people stared at this rich husband, only Wang Yuanyuan got the hand.Why did CAI Jia vote for Xiangbobo?That starts with his family.Three, CAI Jiazan’s father is CAI Zhiming, Hong Kong’s famous toy king, the family assets of over 100 billion, comparable to the gambling king, huo family.CAI Jiazan as the only child in the family, that is worthy of the crown prince, from childhood by dote.Many rich second generation with a few money at home, float not good, all day play car play watch play women.And CAI Jiazan is quite pure, from the side without yingying Yan Yan, because of parents malformed marriage, caused very big influence to him.The toy king CAI Zhiming is killing all sides in the market, and there are more and more interpreters around him.Swaying supermodels;Only you can’t think of, there is no CAI Zhiming bubble.CAI Jiazan’s mother Li Huili but because of the birth of the prince, plus tolerance, never care about CAI Zhiming outside the colorful flag fluttering, this just sit firmly the position of the empress.Seeing his mother’s difficulties since childhood, CAI jiazan does not want to be like his father.In addition to the reasons of parents, but also because of CAI Jia Zan’s own experience.It is well known that some desperado in order to make a windfall, desperate plan to kidnap CAI Jiazan.In CAI Jia Zan middle school after school, riding luxury cars were flanked by gangsters.Fortunately, the bodyguard hired by CAI jia Zan was reliable, and did his best to escort CAI Jia Zan out of the country, only to avoid kidnapping.But even if the bodyguard desperately protect each other, CAI Jiazan was still wounded by the assailant’s axe.When CAI Jia Zan is not easy to recover from the kidnapping haze, his sister CAI Jia Ying depression suicide.The departure of loved ones far more than nearly kidnapped harm come big, CAI Jiazan for a long time to let go of her sister.It is because CAI Jiazan suffered so much suffering from childhood, so that he became an introverted person, unlike the dandy who spend all day indulging.In addition to the kidnapping incident, CAI’s custody of prince Ye is also more severe.To a certain extent, Tsai is like a girl in a boudoir.He can rarely contact the outside red light wine green, so particularly pure.Although compared with those top celebrities, Wang yuanyuan is a little “tender” in all aspects.But it is such a “simple” girl can attract CAI Jiazan’s attention.Plus the weather, wang Yuanyuan heard each other before they met.At a party, a friend suddenly said to Wang: “You look like CAI Jiazan, the way you talk is exactly the same.”At that time, Wang Yuanyuan did not take it to heart, but felt good coincidence.As everyone knows, at that time the matchmaker has already led the red line for two people.They got to know each other at dinner. Wang was quiet and cute with round eyes. CAI fell in love with Wang at first sight.Wang Yuanyuan look at each other’s wealth is not cheap, the heart give birth to a bit of charming.Lang sentient concubine intended, this marriage so became.Four, Wang Yuanyuan CAI Jiazan fell in love with the news spread, caused an uproar outside.All feel that Wang Yuanyuan still has some distance from the CAI family, which is Hong Kong’s top celebrity.The Wang family do jewelry business, compared with ordinary people of course is tuhao, but in front of the CAI family is small.In terms of family pedigree, it is true that Wang Yuanyuan is high.In addition to that period of time, Wang Yuanyuan made an indecent matter.In 2012, two of China’s most popular martial arts stars, Donnie Yen and Cho Wen-cheuk, engaged in a war of words.One accused the other of changing the script, the other of quitting.The war of words, heated words.I didn’t think two men who made a name for themselves by fighting would swear so much.As a sister-in-law, Wang Yuanyuan stood up for Donnie yen.After all, It was Donnie Yen who helped Wang in the entertainment industry before she hooked up with the billionaire.If she doesn’t speak up, she can’t stand it.But voice is also a skill, how to do enough human and not be scolded by net friends, is a big problem.In a clever move, Wang didn’t say much, but took to the social media platform Aite to give a voice to the celebrities who are donnie’s friends.This operation is simply roasting people on the fire, vocalizing is not, do not vocalize is not.Rather than offend CAI’s future grandmother and Hong Kong superstar Donnie Yen, most of the people named chose to support Donnie yen.Shu Qi is one of them.In hundreds of words, the central theme is that Donnie yen is dedicated.The speech was not too much to fault.Can kill crazy net friend which tube so much, eat melon object from Zhao Wenzhuo Zhen Zidan two wufu transferred to Shu Qi.In the past, Shu qi has acted in many large-scale films and taken many fantastic pictures.Net friend is always very exacting to female star, these large scale photo enough let Shu Qi suffered all humiliations.Unbearable network violence shu Qi was scolded cry, thousands of blog deleted overnight, in the unknown corner of the storm in the past.Netizens also did not forget the initiator Wang Yuanyuan, began to dig her black history.”She’s a fake socialite. Her family owns two gold stores, not a jewelry magnate.””Both sisters are of bad character. Wang yuanyuan bought her beauty contest.”The word gets worse and worse, and it’s very ugly.No rich family will like the black history of the daughter-in-law, the outside world is that Wang Yuanyuan will be rejected by CAI.But a month later, his father-in-law, CAI Mingzhi, said, “It’s time for daughter-in-law tea.”This is undoubtedly urging his son to marry, but also in support of his daughter-in-law.Wang Yuanyuan’s so-called “black history”, the outside world said repeatedly, CAI did not take it to heart.In January, CAI proposed to his girlfriend, and Wang burst into tears holding a large diamond ring.At the end of the year, Wang Yuanyuan entered a wealthy family and became the young grandmother of the CAI family.Prince married, can’t lose cards.The wedding photos on display were taken in Paris and cost $6 million.The banquet was held at 16 tables, and the guests were all celebrities and superstars like the Huo family. Even the special capital came to congratulate them.Media reports said the entire wedding cost 800 million yuan.CAI mingzhi spent 600 million yuan on his son’s wedding house and 8 million yuan in cash for the couple.Mrs. CAI gave her daughter-in-law 80 million jewelry before marriage, and the five-carat diamond ring blinds everyone’s eyes.When the wife toasted the tea, Mrs. CAI gave another pair of gold ware, a big golden pig with six little golden pigs, implying that the couple can have more children and have six little babies.The other elders, not to be poor, presented the bride with 12 pairs of gold-cast bracelets, each two fingers wide.Ancient prince married concubine, so it is.At the wedding, CAI gave Wang Yuanyuan full glory and was quite satisfied with his daughter-in-law.But the position of granny can sit firmly, but also depends on the means of Wang Yuanyuan.What do the big clubs value most?Children.Knowing this, Wang got pregnant soon after her marriage and gave birth to a daughter the following year.After giving birth to her first child, Wang gave birth to twin boys in 2016.These three children will secure her for life.Wang’s best luck, however, is CAI’s attitude toward her.CAI Jiazan continued the fine tradition of love before marriage, do not keep mistresses do not play tender model, is really rich in the second generation of the clean stream.During Wang Yuanyuan’s first pregnancy, CAI Jiazan was afraid of his wife’s discomfort and often accompanied her to take photos to record her pregnancy changes.When the baby was born, CAI Jiazan looked at his wife who had just given birth, and she was so distressed that she burst into tears, even the hand that cut the umbilical cord was shaking.During the period of confinement, Tsai also took care of the baby herself, feeding and changing diapers is not a problem.Such a good husband, ordinary men can not find a few bar, not to mention CAI Jia Zan worth hundreds of billions.Wait until the son was born, CAI Jiazan love Wang Yuanyuan birth pain, take the initiative to let the wife seal belly.Compared with xu Ziqi who gave birth to three or four children, Wang Yuanyuan is much more comfortable.The same is the daughter of a rich family, the fate is completely different.Maybe that’s why Hong Kong media call Wang Yuanyuan “Hong Kong’s best daughter-in-law.”However, wang Yuanyuan has today’s fate, really all by “good luck”?Before entering the rich family, The Wang family carefully adjusted the daughter to do enough preparation.Learning all kinds of specialties to improve temperament, go abroad to study gold plating, just to maintain pure emotional history is difficult to get.Hong Kong rich circle story is very much, when the small three rob a man, the palace hand tear lover, marry four room concubines… both men and women have a number of romantic accounts, take three steps in the high-end cocktail party can meet an old lover.Wang yuanyuan, who is clean, is like a clean stream of socialites.If she had ever had a love affair, it had begun cleanly and ended cleanly.Blacksmithing also needs its own hard, compared with luck, Wang Yuanyuan’s pay can not be ignored.After all, opportunities always come to those who are prepared.Remember to pay attention to @wen Dao ii  photo source network abuse deleted past wonderful period: was scolded Hong Kong first monster, buy down two billionaires have another secret, Zhang Xiaohui why not defend Lin Dan’s wife Xie Xingfang: put down everything, and strive to grow up

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