About 2,330 front-line employees of Suzhou Expressway have made every effort to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the expressway

During the Spring Festival holiday, about 2,330 front-line staff of Suzhou Expressway were working hard to strengthen road emergency response, strictly prevent and control the epidemic, and ensure the safety and smooth operation of expressway.According to statistics, during the freeway period from January 31 to February 5, the total flow at the entrances and exits of Sujia-Hang and Chang-Jia expressways was 933,100 vehicles, with an average daily flow of 155,500 vehicles, including 354,000 small buses with 7 seats or less.The total flow at the entrance and exit of Suzhou Ring Expressway is 1,208,400 vehicles, with an average daily flow of 201,400 vehicles, including 598,400 small buses with 7 seats or less at the exit.Through high speed variable information board released in advance along the road conditions, weather conditions, the information such as safety tips, guide the owner reasonable choose the route travel time and at the same time, suzhou tube high-speed road traffic spikes that may occur within peg and emergency, emergency disposal mechanism 24-hour operation, on January 31 solstice on February 5th,In total, we handled 86 cases of all kinds of rescue events, handled 53 miscellaneous tasks, dispatched 21 anti-collision vehicles, one crane, two snowblowing vehicles, and repaired 10 pits and ponds in emergency, ensuring the timely, scientific and efficient disposal of all kinds of emergencies, and ensuring the road safety and smooth at important nodes and key periods.In terms of epidemic prevention and control, from January 31 to February 5, a total of 86,093 passengers and passengers (who entered the service hall of the expressway) underwent temperature testing at suzhou Expressway.The party and League member volunteers active in suzhou expressway toll stations and service areas have become the warmest “red” during the Spring Festival.In suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou, Chang Jia expressway service area of the “love relay station”, in suzhou city high-speed convenient service desk, both to provide hot water 24 hours free ginger tea and cell phone charging equipment, wearing red ma3 jia3 needed for volunteers to focus on the passenger, take the initiative to provide vehicles and the vast majority of the passenger traffic advisory, vehicle maintenance, convenient service guide map.Suzhou along the highway service area also started the festival atmosphere full of volunteer service characteristics, in addition to high hangs red lanterns, everyone posted everywhere built the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday, in Chang Jia high-speed service area and lake “of the tiger,” upright “huani,” associate for the passenger to everyone every day and Spring Festival couplets, New Year gift.In order to carry forward the Olympic spirit and add fun to the journey, baiyang Lake Service area of Suzhou-Jia-Hangzhou Expressway has prepared a mini curling game experience area for sixing, inviting sixing to experience curling games personally and feel the elegance of competition.(Su Baongrong Media reporter Xu Yunhai photo by Suzhou Circle City Company, video by Suzhou High Speed Company)

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