Mercedes E-Class PHEV!100 km comprehensive fuel consumption 1.4L, fuel-saving and face luxury car

Mercedes E-Class PHEV!The comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.4L, fuel-saving and respectable luxury car is absolutely benchmarking among many luxury car brands.However, in the past two years, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, Benz has also continuously launched new energy models.Today, I would like to introduce a Mercedes-benz E PHEV. At present, there are two configurations of this car on sale, and the official guide price is 518,300 yuan. In this level, this car is still in a leading position.In terms of appearance, the appearance of Mercedes-Benz E PHEV has been modified, and its shape is closer to that of Mercedes-benz S Class. The latest family language design has been added to the design, which makes Mercedes-benz E PHEV not only continue the classic, but also add a bit of sports atmosphere.It uses starlight type air intake grille, grille internal all use closed processing, at the same time such grille design, but also for the whole front face to bring more delicate effect.At the same time, the car on both sides of the new design of the front lamp, in the shape of a little more rounded, near and far light are used LED light source.The side shape of the Mercedes-benz E-Class PHEV is the same as that of the previous model. The waist line extends directly from the front to the rear of the car after passing through the door handle, and the visual effect is obviously stretched.In terms of body size, the length, width and height ratio of this car is 5078/1860/1488mm, and the axle spacing reaches 3079mm.From the size parameters, we can see that this car is a B-class car, and in the same level, Mercedes E-CLASS PHEV has certain advantages.His wheels use the popular classic 5-spoke wheel design, which is dynamic and matched by 18-inch tires.In the rear part of the car, the headlights are designed with LED light sources, and the two lights are connected with silver plated collars to stretch the visual width of the car.At the same time, he uses a bilateral exhaust layout, which further enhances the car’s sporty feel.In interior ways, the interior of the car is still the continuation of the old design, but was adjusted in local place, it is tie-in a 12.3 -inch LCD panel, and provide more topics to choose from, clear and bright effect, driving effect is also very rich, at the same time, the car also USES the classic three type of steering wheel, under the leather package,Gives an extremely delicate grip.Behind the power, the e-class PHEV uses a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.0-ton engine and an electric motor. The 2.0-ton engine has a maximum of 155 horsepower, a maximum peak torque of 350N·m and a combined power of 235kw.According to official Revelations, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers only 1.4L, the performance can be said to be quite bright.

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