With only nine games left to play, how much will Owen be paid this season?Digital moving

The NBA is nearing the end of the regular season, and the Nets will have to go through the play-offs to make the playoffs. From the first place in the Eastern Conference in the middle of the season to the eighth place in the Eastern Conference today, the nets’ ups and downs inevitably make fans gasp, and this season is likely to continue without a win.In fact, the Nets can completely avoid the play-offs. After trading Harden for Simmons, he has yet to make his debut, and Durant will return after the All-Star break, so the Nets will still be a championship team, but it will take some time to fit in.New big three, the nets simmons and durant don’t need to worry about, two people will fight shoulder to shoulder quickly, on the contrary Owen’s problem has not solved, can only play on the road before the season has not yet started, Owen decided not vaccinated, according to the rules, he can’t play any game in New York, which is including the nets at home and the knicks on the road.The Nets suspended Irving to prevent him from undermining their team’s integrity, but with midseason shortages, they compromised and allowed him to play on the road.Faced with questions from reporters, Irving maintained his belief that the only way to play at home is to get New York to change its quarantine rules, but that’s not going to be easy, and it’s expected that irving’s situation won’t be resolved this season and he’ll be playing most of the road games.So far this season, Irving has played in 14 games for the Nets, including a trip to the Knicks and nine more, meaning he has played in only 23 games this season.Irving missed 59 of the regular season’s 82 games. Technically speaking, the nets’ loss was significant, as home and road games required different lineups and tactics, which undoubtedly destroyed the integrity of the team.So, after missing 59 games, how much will Irving make this season?What’s clear is that since Irving isn’t going to get vaccinated, it’s going to cost a lot of money, and like the team, it’s going to cost a lot of money on both sides, and it’s pretty easy to figure out how much money Irving is going to make this season.Irving will be eligible to play in only 23 games, but will be paid for 39 games because the Nets refused to allow him to play on the road.This season, Owen’s salary is $351100 a game, a total of 39 games, OuWenBen season can get $13.69 million, compared to under normal circumstances, Owen has lost more than half salary, of course, Mr. Tsai also pretty pathetic, spend big price to form the second year of the big three, the nets to the inventors of the feather is originated from Owen, so to speak.

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