2000+ positions online waiting for you!Luo Hu recruitment activity attack!

20 enterprises to participate in 2000+ positions available online for you to choose!”Warm Spring in Southern Guangdong” spring breeze action public welfare live broadcast job fair is coming!In order to actively carry out employment services under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, and meet the demand for job hunting after the holiday, luohu Human Resources Bureau carried out the “Spring Breeze action in Southern Guangdong” public welfare live broadcast recruitment activity, set up a platform for connecting labor supply and demand, and provided more than 2,000 jobs for job seekers.How to attend the job fair?(1) Luohu District enterprises with recruitment needs;Unemployed persons, persons having difficulty finding jobs, retired military personnel, persons with disabilities, people living out of poverty, young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, fresh graduates, and migrant workers in other places.Recruitment Time and Methods: Live Broadcast time: 15:00-16:30, March 1, 2022, 15:00-16:30, March 2, 2022 Sponsor: Shenzhen Luohu Human Resources BureauShenzhen Luohu District Public Employment Promotion Center activities: live online each community interested job seekers can search the wechat public number “Luohu employment” or log in the website http://www.lhjol.com, browse the recruitment information and needs released by each employer, get more employment information!During the live broadcast, information about more than 2,000 positions in 20 enterprises will be introduced, including manufacturing, communication, finance, gold and jewelry, service industry, etc.Job types include trade, design, administration, personnel and management posts, etc.More details can be locked in the live broadcast, then the anchor will be introduced to you in detail!Scan the qr code below you can participate in the quick collection code live time to find a job you do not miss oh information source: Luohu employment integration: new era New Luohu if needed to be reprinted, please indicate the above content

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