Break inside volume: how to use operational thinking to create personal brand to achieve traffic growth?(below)

In the last post we talked about personal branding and traffic growth, and why it’s important to build personal branding. In this post we’ll talk about 6 ways to think about personal branding.(1) Product operation Thinking. To operate personal brand as a product enables us to plan and act more clearly.First of all, it is necessary to define the target population of personal brand and position its market object as the center.For example, your user is bao Ma, is the child of how old bao Ma?What are your needs and worries (pain points)?Secondly, the analysis of existing resources, find their own advantages, can be in accordance with the principle of “no one I have, people have my best”, so as to give full play to the energy.To do the right thing, to do the right thing, to know your enemy.Furthermore, we should know how to find unique value by studying friends, finding niche fields (market segments with our own advantages), and shaping uniqueness.Finally, it is to the specific product design.Have a profile, image, temperature, and feature presentation, which can be found in the mind map below.(2) Content operation thinking good content, is to strengthen and spread personal brand essential elements.When positioning is clear, content is key.Good content is the foundation of successful communication of personal brand.For the basic principle of content requirements, on the basis of satisfying their own positioning, first of all, to be useful, secondly to have material, the best is interesting.The requirement for content operation is to have quality, and at the same time have sustainable output ability.Common sources of content include review from work practice, reflection from reading comprehension, interview from bigshots’ insights, and observation from cross-border integration.As for the form of content, it is diverse, according to the characteristics of personal brand and communication channels, select different forms.In particular, make sure you do a good short video, make sure you do a good short video, make sure you do a good short video!(3) when there is content creation, the next is the need to put content, so as to expand the drainage and dissemination of the surface.There are also a variety of channels, which can be roughly divided into free and paid channels.Good content, own traffic, can be distributed through multiple channels.However, it should be noted that different platforms have different rules, user attributes and presentation forms, which need to be adjusted and adapted according to the actual situation.For personal brands that the team is not particularly mature, do not rush to distribute to all channels, but first focus on vertical 1-3 channels, and then gradually expand more channels.(4) Other operational thinking activities, community, data and other three operational thinking, in personal brand building is also essential.First of all, for the operation of activities, it is necessary to organize and participate in activities. It is necessary to organize the target audience to participate in activities to enhance organization and cohesion. It is also necessary to participate in other people’s activities to expand new groups.Activities can be organized in various forms, such as online activities, welfare activities, communication and learning activities, etc., with the help of social communication tools and live broadcasting.Of course, it’s better to talk a thousand times than to meet and organize offline events to enhance trust and engagement.Secondly, for community operation, it can be used to accumulate core and form a circle around personal brand. It can also cross the circle of fans and influence fission.Finally, there is the thinking of data operation to improve the accuracy and efficiency of personal brand, which should run through the operation process.For example, new followers, conversion rate, retention rate and referral rate (fission rate).(mind mapping source network, learn to share) four, summarize personal brand and flow do super conversion relationship, you can refer to below ~ (mind mapping source network, learn to share) and, finally, do some summary to share, in the highly developed since the media age, everyone can be a brand, brand need long-term accumulation, like a snowball, need to experience a long slope,Wet snow and thick tired.And, of course, the payoff can last a lifetime.As a professional, building personal brand is also of great significance. It is a powerful weapon to deal with midlife crisis and break introversion.Starting today, build your personal brand, like Archimedes’ fulcrum, leverage your business model for life, and achieve win-win growth for both you and your company.Next: Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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