Cold in the north or cold in the south, talk about the real feeling of the New Year

Whether it is cold in the north or cold in the south is probably a question that many people do not feel the need to discuss. In terms of temperature, there is no doubt that it is cold in the north.However, during the Spring Festival, I traveled from Xi ‘an in the north to my hometown south of the Qinling Mountains (the specific place name will not be disclosed, so as not to cause unnecessary verbal sparring).First, in the outdoors, in Xi ‘an, the upper body wear an autumn coat, a sweater, a down jacket.In the morning of that day, I went shopping in Xi ‘an to do nucleic acid. I felt that THERE was no problem and I could withstand the cold.The next morning at home, wearing the same clothes, I felt cold shiver, breathing fog, nasal discharge.Moreover in the indoor, xi ‘an indoor needless to say, is the north, the room has central heating, the temperature of more than 20 degrees, wear a single clothes can.In my hometown, the house is colder than the outside, the fried food, the back of the food has not been made, the front of the fast cold, in the bed at night to play mobile phone, cold hands, finally shrink in the bed to play, play to sleep before the thought of going to the toilet, under the long decision to get up.Warm bed in the morning, do not want to get up on the bed, the clothes stuffed into the bed warm, before dressing up.After rising decisively rushed into the supermarket, bought two small sun, to each room put a.It won’t be so difficult to get up.(Only the parents’ room is air-conditioned).In terms of crops, the temperature in my hometown is undoubtedly higher. In winter, there are various vegetables in the fields, and dishes are rich. Many leaves are still green.In the countryside near Xi ‘an, except for vegetables and strawberries, the fields are mostly wheat seedlings with monotonous colors. Except for a few evergreen trees, ligustrum trees, cypress pines and other trees, most of the leaves are bare.In the guanzhong field where Xi ‘an is located, the green vegetables of the southern hometown the hu bean of the southern hometown blossomed the garlic shoots of the southern hometown the rape of the southern hometown so, do you think it is cold in the south or the north?Welcome to the discussion!

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