Eight straight defeats!What’s the problem with the Nets?We cannot go far without addressing the two root causes

Beijing time On February 7, the Nets again defeated, swallowed the bitter fruit of 8 consecutive losses.In a short period of time, the Nets from the east first to the east seventh, this record let many fans fan fried pot.The eight-game losing streak is the longest in the league.Durant’s absence makes the Nets like a low-lying team, vulnerable.So what’s the reason for the Nets?I think the biggest problem is in two areas.The first problem is Owen’s.Irving has been so wayward, not getting shots, doing things his own way, sticking to what he says he believes in, that he now has to play on the road.Teammates work hard, while they have a large contract but do part-time work, teammates not easy to adapt to your absence, you come out to play a few games, this is not pure affect teammates’ mentality, the cohesion of the team will also decline.Regarding Irving’s situation, O ‘Neal said, “If you’re on my team and you’re not playing at home, I don’t want you here anymore.Let’s just say we have a chance to win, and you can’t play, so go somewhere else.That’s it.”The second problem is coach Steve Nash.In terms of the lineup of the Nets last season and this season, Nash’s tactics are really unskilled.The nets are in this situation, Nash has inescapable responsibility.The rotation was confusing, the key players were not rested for long periods, and finally Durant, Aldridge, Harris, Harden all suffered injuries.Sharpe is good under the basket and rebound protection.Nash just chose to drop him.Nash doesn’t have a game plan. He has a trump card and can only play alone.Is the so-called shuai incompetent, exhausted three armies.I really don’t see Nash having much of an impact other than instilling chicken soup into his players.Without Kevin Durant, the Nets are in jeopardy.The biggest problem for the Nets is that Kyrie irving doesn’t get vaccinated and Steve Nash doesn’t coach well.At this rate, the Nets may not even make the playoffs.See the back of the nets management how to adjust the operation.

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