Folk Tale: The magic Cornucopia

Treasure Basin Long ago, an old couple from the South China Sea fled from famine. They took a boat to a place called Lao Miaogou to the north of Dagu Mountain.Every day, as soon as the sun came out, the old couple began to plow the hillside. Year by year, there was more land, and they could not eat all the food.So they bought a donkey and hired a clerk.Every day the boys cut grass in the gully and fed the donkeys. The grass was so fine and tender that the donkeys would gain fat.One day, the old man asked his man, “How do you cut such good grass every day?”The man said, “I don’t know what happened. There is a field in the gully. I mowed the grass one day, and the same grass grew again the next day.Hearing this, the old man laughed and said, “Where in the world can such things happen?”The next day he asked his boy to take him to the meadow.When the old man got there, he didn’t believe his friend even more. How could the grass grow in such a small place forever?He took the sickle from the boy’s hand, stooped to cut himself.Soon the grass was cut.The old man straightened up and asked the man, “Did I cut the same as you did?”The man nodded. “Same.”The old man said, “Well, help me pack the straw and carry it home.”The next day, the old man and his boy came here to look, and sure enough, there was fine grass again.The old man asked the pickaxe to take a pickaxe and dug the land to see for himself what the pickaxe was doing underneath.Nothing was gouged but a trough of stone.The old man asked his clerk to carry the trough home. As there was a trough missing in the pigsty, he put it into the pigsty as a trough.Since it was used as a trough, the pigs in the pen fattened up in a few days.The old couple’s life is getting more and more prosperous.But after so many years on the run, they think they should return to their roots.After the old couple discussed, they finished their things at home and went south by passenger ship.When the boat reached the west entrance of Deer Island, the north wind blew. The boatman was very happy and hurriedly pulled up the big tent.But the north wind filled the sail and creaked the masts, but the ship did not move.Watching the other boats go before the wind, the boss of the boat was so angry that he turned wildly before and after the ship.Suddenly, he found the bow of the boat caught between two large crabs.The crab clip alone is as thick as a bucket.The boatman knew there was something strange on board.So they turned inside and out of the boat, turning over and over, and found the stone trough which the old couple were carrying.The boatman grabbed the trough and threw it into the sea.Strange to say, as soon as the trough hit the water, the schooner whooshed southward.Since then, dalk island west beach, every time the ebb tide, adults and children all day long to pick the clams, a generation did not strip, strip and born again, until now, Dalk island west beach clams also have a lot of.It turned out that the trough was a cornucopia, and as long as it was filled with things, it would never be finished.When the trough fell to the bottom of the sea, climbed into the Shell, no longer grilled over.People go there every year.

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