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Spring Festival, people laugh.On January 26, the author went to Banqiaogou Village, Jinya Town, southeast of Langzhong City with the leadership of Nanchong Military Sub-division in Sichuan Province.The village in winter is still green mountains and water, green vegetables, pigs and cattle farms full circle, the villagers are smiling, everywhere is full of thick festival atmosphere.Nanchong, hometown of generals, red fertile soil.Military sub-units will keep pace with The Times to inherit the red gene, and practice the deep love between the military and the people.On the eve of the Spring Festival, leaders of the nanchong military sub-units and their respective county (city, district) human Forces departments rushed to the villages to visit the key monitoring households for preventing poverty from returning to poverty, check the “post-evaluation” of poverty alleviation and the progress of rural revitalization, and check whether the people in the villages can live a safe, happy and happy year.”Today, both to congratulate, but also to visit.You will take the lead in poverty alleviation and make new contributions to rural revitalization.”Wei Guohua, commander of the military sub-area, led the condoling team to Chen Weiguo’s home in Banqiaigou Village, Jinya Town, Langzhong City, and brought him the banner of “Civilized and healthy family”. He also inquired about the production and life of his home and the preparation of Spring Festival goods in detail, hoping that he could lead and influence more neighbors and villagers in the future and make new contributions to the construction of beautiful countryside.As the saying goes, “Three nine four nine go on ice.”Military leaders drove more than 120 kilometers to banqiaogou village to participate in the whole village “five good families” “outstanding college students” commendation activities, laughter and applause one after another, hot commendation scene, the cold winter swept away.Military commanders personally offered condolence money and New Year greetings to meritorious families and outstanding college students who had made outstanding achievements in rural revitalization.Langzhong City Human Resources department resident village cadre Liu Jinbiao picked up the scissors and cut out several paper-cuts with the pattern of a small tiger. “We have prepared many paper-cuts, but it is not enough to give them to the village people.I didn’t expect it would be so popular, and the masses would ask to learn paper cutting from us.”Uncle Xian Kunrong, who had just received two paper-cuts, was carefully putting them into his pocket. “These are for my grandchildren. I also need to buy some Zhangfei beef and Boring balsamic vinegar.”On the same day, the author saw in daqiaogou Village of Gaoyuan Town assisted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces in Xichong County, all kinds of meat, eggs, milk, rice, flour, oil, fruit, fried goods, seasonings and other kinds of goods needed for the Spring Festival are full of beautiful things in eyes, the flourishing Spring Festival couplets, New Year pictures, lanterns, fu and other neatly spread out, filled with thick flavor of the New Year.”The rapeseed oil, yoghurt and candy I bought are all of good quality and cheap. The most important thing is convenience.”Buy New Year goods luo Dawei happily said.It is understood that since the 23rd day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, the troops stationed in the villages have organized “caravans” to help villagers buy New Year goods at their doorways.Develop industry increase income strong rice cake winter nanchong, cold wind.On the morning of January 28, liu Shuangquan, a start-up villager from Xilu Village, Xiqiao Town, Yingshan County, was busy in the industrial park as the sky was just showing his fish-belly white.Under the late – ripening citrus trees, the bright – bodied “running pheasants” are weighed and trucked away.”The villagers’ life is getting better and better without the continuous help of the army.”Xian Xiaolin, secretary of the Party branch of Xilu Village, said that in 2021, with the help of the county’s Human and Armed Forces Department, Liu shuangquan’s family not only increased their income by nearly 100,000 yuan by breeding “running pheasant” in the citrus forest, but also increased the village’s collective economic income substantially.In the home of Gao Feihong, a villager from Taipingzhai Village, Liuya Town, Yilong County, zhu De’s hometown, a brand-new cloth sofa, a long tea table, a TV and a refrigerator are all available in the main room, and the kitchen is filled with preserved meat, preserved chicken and sausage.Li Chengqi, political commissar of the county people’s Armed Forces, told me that he had come to see how the people’s New Year’s goods were prepared before the New Year, and he had a full sense of achievement when he visited three households.Walking in the mountain village and walking into people’s homes, Li Minglun of Banqiaogou Village and his fellow villagers talked about their “year-end settlement” : “In 2015, the per capita net income of our family of four was only 2,830 yuan.In recent years, with the help of the army, we have planted grass, raised pigs and raised beef cattle, and the cooperative has become a shareholder and shared out dividends. By 2021, the per capita net income of our family will reach 12,716 yuan.”Lee said that he was the happiest person in the world, saying, Thanks to the good policies of the Party and the help of the PLA, we are where we are today.This time, the government set up pig farms, which gave us a chance to create jobs and reserved a post for me.I also bless our motherland, just like our langzhong specialty ‘Baoning steamed bun’, thriving!””If poverty eradication is a scratch campaign, rural revitalization is a tournament, and aid work needs to be upgraded across the board to help people out of poverty raise their incomes further.”Zhang Huimin, political commissar of the military sub-area, vividly illustrated that only by strengthening the industry and increasing income can we make the “rice cake” bigger for the villagers, and help the village win the development opportunity in the rural revitalization.To cultural people gather the hearts of the people to add the flavor of the New Year, “please rest assured uncle, I must be in the holiday with the village cadres and the masses to explore the inheritance and construction of the local style civilization.”When Zhang Huimin, political commissar of the military sub-division, handed the award to Yang Muyao, a student studying in Chengdu University, his attitude was frank and firm.Originally, in banqiaogou village “five good families” and “outstanding college students” commendation meeting, Zhang Hui people’s political commissarian encouraged students studying abroad to bring urban civilization to the countryside, vigorously promote the theme and social integrity, to help the village cadres and masses to cultivate civilized village style, good family style, simple folk style.On the second day of the first lunar month, the sun shone brightly.Sanhe village cultural activity square, Yongding town, Nanbu County beaming with joy, laughter, everyone on the festive drums, dressed in festive costumes, twisting a cheerful Yangko.With the lively gongs and drums, yangko dance, ditty singing, tug-of-war competition full of local flavor of shehuo performance, emitting a thick flavor of the New Year, villagers happily jumped out of poverty after the happiness of life.”Such a big change is mainly due to the culture and filial piety.”According to the village party branch secretary Jingchunbin introduction, once sanhe village is petitioning more, more quarrels, more contradictions, the whole village is poor and backward, chaos.Now sanhe village wide and straight asphalt road, white wall spray on filial piety propaganda slogans, clean streets and lanes.In the village cultural Service center, the left side of the hall is filled with granddaughters clipping their grandpa’s nails and daughters-in-law washing their elders’ feet…On the right side of chongde Xiangshan’s photos are the family rules and instructions of each family.February 4, the beginning of spring, together to the future.Jialing district jinbao town west Yang temple village culture square large LED screen, playing at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics live, let hundreds of crowd around several fire witness Olympic breaking though the sky fireworks, amazing opening, also let many aspiring youth entrepreneurship meet outside to renew the Olympic spirit, not only to the mountain village people leave unforgettable “the festival atmosphere,”It also shows the picture of “beauty and harmony” in urban and rural China!Nanchong, hometown of generals, red fertile soil.Military sub-units will keep pace with The Times to inherit the red gene, and practice the deep love between the military and the people.The leaders of the military sub-area said that they would give full play to the advantages of the military in party building and personnel to help the “rural revitalization plan” advance in an orderly manner, so that the road to prosperity for the villagers will be more and more broad, and the life of the villagers will be more and more prosperous, and the flavor of the Rural New Year will be more and more strong.(Jiang Changzhi, Li Delin, Wen Bin, Yang Min) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Nan Review Editor: Jiang Yuting link: National Defense Times news Center

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