Give up privacy live live can whoring seaview three-star suite!Are you going to this Italian hotel?

Would you give up all your privacy and expose your life to the cameras for 24 hours for a three-star hotel for 1 euro?One hotel in Rimini, a popular Italian seaside resort, offered just such a promotion and managed to find challengers to eat crabs.In October last year, Fabio, the owner of a three-star hotel in rimini, a tourist city in eastern Italy, announced a crazy campaign to “give up your privacy and stay for one euro”.Even the name itself is crazy — Stupido Hotel.Built according to Samsung hotel industry standards, the Hotel has 14 suites.According to Fabio, he took over the original house in 2016 and converted it into a modern hotel, where suites normally cost between €80 and €120 a night. Now he has set aside three rooms to offer a €1 stay without privacy.Three cameras have been installed in each of the three suites, as well as cameras in the public areas to ensure there are no dead ends for live footage, although the toilets are not a private area.Guests will have to stream their hotel life on Twitch 24 hours a day, followed by 12 hours on YouTube and a two-hour personal life segment on Facebook.When asked about the launch of the original intention of this activity, fabio don’t have any conceal, frank is completely from the perspective of marketing drainage to launch a new activity, and activities, which he has received at least 10 is willing to sacrifice privacy for 1 o candidates to apply for in the hotel, including gay couples, massage therapists, doctors, a professor at the university of candidates from all walks of life.On February 4, half a year after the launch of the “Give up your privacy 1 Euro stay” campaign, the hotel welcomed its first couple to stay in its 24-hour live suite.Giovanni, 43, an engineer, and Monica, 42, a logistics specialist, managed to impress boss Fabio with a two-minute introductory video in which the energetic couple said they were tired of their mundane lives and wanted to share new experiences in front of the camera.”We wanted to do something stupid to make our lives more interesting, and the hospitality and one-of-a-kind nature of the Clumsy Hotel appealed to us.”At present, there are still 2 live suites waiting for the right person to enter the stupidohotel. if you want to be a live online celebrity and live in a luxury hotel for 1 euro, you can register at Stupidohotel. it!- zior

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