Yuqi and her family are in Qingdao to pay New Year’s greetings to Chinese people and their families all over the world

Tiger roaring wind born to worship danian, every year like tiger fame.Auspicious Chinese tiger, celebrating the tiger talk.□ Worship the New Year, jade flag tiger into a.May the year of the Tiger be extraordinary.Like a tiger with wings added to it.See you in spring, tiger invited.Yuqi and his whole family wish you a happy New Year…I wish you a strong, strong body;I wish you a tiger with wings and spirits;I wish you 虎踞龙盘, career forever;I wish you a roaring dragon Yin, reputation liufang;I wish you a long march and a healthy family.I wish you good luck in everything…Yuqi and the whole family wish you and your family a happy New Year in Qingdao, wish the Chinese people all over the world, good health, family happiness, eternal well-being, wish you all the best, all the best, tiger tiger alive and powerful.## What did your favorite person teach you ## What do you think is the most moving song of all time

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