A miracle in aviation history: 16 survivors survived a 3,900-meter crash in the snow for 72 days without food

Human nature is to forward and challenge, since the ancient times climb a record there, at the same time honoured with risk, whenever you meet adversity, as long as you don’t give up, Ken, will certainly win a chance for oneself, if early to give up the hope of survival, is likely to miss out on these were rescued.In the andes air crash, 16 survivors accidentally fell down on the snow-covered mountain at an altitude of nearly 3,900 meters. Without food or water, they cooperated and encouraged each other for 72 days, and were finally rescued by a passing herdsman, creating a miracle in the history of air crash.Plane Crashes In October 1972, a Uruguayan rugby team flew to Santiago, Chile, to play a rugby match.The 30-member rugby team was flown on Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 with five crew members and some family members.However, due to climate reasons, the schedule was delayed for two days. In order not to delay the progress of the game, the plane took off on October 13, 1972 and rushed to the stadium. At this time, there were 45 people in the plane.All the football team members were expecting to land on time and get a good result in the game. However, the plane was in excellent condition when it took off. However, the weather suddenly turned bad.Even a bird can also crash a plane, so in the process of flight for the pilot’s technical requirements are very tough, but at that time the co-pilot of the plane did not have much flying experience, the plane was shrouded in fog.An experienced pilot would have been able to find his way forward, but the co-pilot flew the plane off course in a panic.None of the people on the plane knew about it and waited for it to pass, but the plane flew straight into the Andes mountains and crashed shortly after.The crash occurred at a height of 4,000m in the Andes mountains. The impact caused the plane to break apart. Two people were killed in the crash, but only 33 of the 45 survived.These 33 people landed on 3900 meters of snow mountain, although luckily left one life, but did not escape danger, there are a large number of people with varying degrees of injury, and the surrounding wildness.Although they have temporarily left a life, how to survive is still the biggest problem for them.The plane crashed for no apparent reason, attracting the attention of the local police. In order to ensure that there were still people on board, Wisdom Cube sent four planes to search for the plane.But at that time, the Andes mountains did not return to the past climate, a white fog, if the plane insisted on lowering the flight distance, it could easily collide with the mountains, so the search for survivors was suspended.Based on observations of the wreckage, any passengers on board that did survive must have been seriously injured.After eight days of inclement weather, Chilean police had no choice but to give up the search for the men, hoping to collect their bodies when the fog cleared.No one would have thought that so many people would have survived. Twenty-seven people survived the crash, excluding those who died from their injuries.Those who survived were so determined to survive that they believed that sooner or later they would make it down the mountain and that someone, whether from Uruguay or Chile, would come to rescue them.So they agreed to stay together for warmth, common survival, the plane’s remaining food evenly distributed, to ensure that everyone can store enough energy, if the plane’s food ran out, in order to survive, we can eat the bodies of victims.For a full 60 days, none of them gave up asking for help, and everyone worked hard to live as one. Although there were only 16 people left, they still did not give up the hope of survival.But as time goes on, people began to vacant, don’t know why has not wait for the rescue team, but they also feel hesitate to move, after all, landing on snow mountain, they are not familiar with the local terrain, more do not know the direction, and substantial action and talking aloud are very prone to cause an avalanche, once out of the major forces are more likely to encounter risks.But if the time goes by and the people still stay where they are, they are more likely to run out of food and die completely. By far the best way is to send someone out to explore for help. So instead of sitting still, they sent a team member with two assistants to explore the way near the snow mountain.72 days of survivors finally rescued, creating the miracle of the history of air disaster these three people in the ice and snow walked for 9 days, finally met a mountain herdsman, they immediately tried to get in touch with the herdsman, three people will come to these days to the encounter to the herdsman, the herdsman be frightened and change color, immediately take them down the mountain.After inquiring the location, I found the local rescue team to look for the remaining survivors on the snow mountain. On the whole way down the mountain, the herdsmen were amazed that they could survive nearly 70 days in the snow mountain with nothing, which was unprecedented.The courage of these three people and not accept fate to bring a new opportunity to everyone, the rest of the people also with the three of them believe to stick to it, a full 72 days, we finally came to save their helicopter, this is the world’s biggest air disaster in a miracle.Although these football players were rescued after failed to take part in the game, but as a new lease on life for them, even though the rescued in a large part of the reason is that they are lucky, but the most important factor is to firmly believe that you will be rescued, during the most difficult cases, solidarity and cooperation, has the sacrificing spirit, help each other to encourage each other.What’s more, there are three people can be in the situation of knowing the future is uncertain, the initiative for the rest of the people to open up a way to survive, this is worthy of respect, but also a spirit of never surrender.Although Chile gave up on their rescue at the time, they survived, which is a miracle in the history of air accidents, but also a miracle in the human spirit.

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