Anhui: Launch the 2022 spring Breeze Action

This article is from:The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently, the anhui province human resources social security hall, the anhui province economic and information technology, department of anhui province, anhui province transportation hall hall, anhui rural revitalization of bureau, anhui provincial federation of trade unions, communist youth league in anhui province and anhui province women’s federation joint mandate, March 31, from January 21 solstice special activities, in the province to carry out the “spring breeze action”The government has focused on providing employment assistance to migrant workers, helping to normalize epidemic prevention and control efforts, and ensuring orderly production, health and safety of employees, and overall stability in employment.The theme of the activity is “spring breeze to send jobs to send true feelings”;The service target mainly includes the migrant workers who are stuck in the employment place due to the epidemic;Willing to return to Anhui anhui employment workers;Those who are willing to return home or invest in Anhui;Rural labor force willing to transfer to employment, especially poverty alleviation, rural low-income population and other key assistance objects;Employers with labor demand, especially important industrial chain and supply chain enterprises.The activities closely follow the development reality of the “14th Five-year Plan” in Anhui province, and enrich the content of “Spring Breeze Action” activities.Determines the employment support, leave a post that is caring, anhui services, labor support the implementation of four big moving target and adjust measures to local conditions “, post to keep workers “action and timely to carry out the” pick you home “, to organize the implementation of “send you mount guard” action, implementation, support the implementation of enterprise employee action, improve employment services security actions such as the five specific actions.The circular urged local governments to target migrant workers, a key group, to take the initiative to send holiday letters of condolence to local workers during the Spring Festival, encourage enterprises to issue red envelopes and New Year gift packages to employees working in other places, and make reasonable arrangements for production.Carry out online and offline featured recruitment services, and carry out “131” services for migrant workers in need, providing at least one career guidance, three suitable job information and one training program;Formulate the list of help for key enterprises, set up liaison service specialists to provide help for enterprise employment;Pay attention to entrepreneurs who return to their hometown for employment, create a good ecosystem of “double recruitment and double introduction” of human resources services, and form a good situation of “personnel return, technology return, capital return and project relocation”;We will improve our ability to provide services and ensure that a number of jobs are created in key counties for rural revitalization and in areas where people living out of poverty are concentrated, such as relocated areas in inhospitable areas.We will give full play to the role of gig markets and provide more employment opportunities for migrant workers, such as enterprise employment and flexible employment.We will encourage grassroots public service platforms to extend their service functions to the gig market, providing vocational guidance, job introduction, vocational training, rights and interests protection and other services.

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