“If we don’t ease relations with China, we will leave.”

Sputnik news agency of Russia reported that several European multinational companies in Lithuania are urging Lithuania to ease relations with China and have issued an ultimatum.If Lithuania continues to go its own way and its neutrality remains cold, these companies will pull out of Lithuania.Germany’s Klasmann-Deilmann group is moving some of its operations in Lithuania to other European Union member countries, according to Lithuanian media outlet 15 Minutes.The Lithuanian unit relies on China for 15 percent of its sales, the company said.In order to avoid the impact of the export business, it had to choose to move out of Lithuania.In addition to Klasmann-Deilmann, the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce sent a letter directly to the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and The Minister of Economy to show the attitude of the Chamber directly.If Lithuania can’t ease relations with China, they will have to consider moving business away.Indeed, a growing number of European companies are weighing moving operations out of Lithuania in order to resume exports to China.The president of one of the companies said bluntly that Lithuania is now the only EU country that has lost the international stage and the global market.In addition to the fact that Lithuania is losing the Chinese market, the more important reason for this argument is that Lithuania has been excluded from the China-Europe freight train route and the belt and Road Initiative.This means that Lithuania is missing out on a major development opportunity.Now Lithuania is studying how to defuse the crisis of neutrality.In this regard, China has made it clear that it is willing to open the door for bilateral communication, but only if Lithuania shows sincerity in communication.Lithuania finds it hard to correct its mistakes?Analysts point out that there are three reasons for Lithuania’s relations with China.The answer is hard, for three main reasons.First, Lithuania is one of the countries in the EU that has clearly turned to the US.This provocation against China has put the EU on fire, making the EU extremely dissatisfied with Lithuania.In addition, In order to cater to the United States, Lithuania provoked not only China, but also Russia.Now Lithuania, offended by China and Russia and estranged from the EU, is clinging to America’s lap.This means that Lithuania will not change its attitude towards Taiwan at the risk of causing dissatisfaction from the US, which makes it difficult for Lithuania to show real sincerity.Second, Taiwan has not only prepared a $1bn investment fund to “maintain” ties with Lithuania, but has also pledged money, people and technology to help the country develop its semiconductor industry from scratch.This is an irresistible “temptation” for Lithuania.In the face of immediate interests, Lithuania may find it difficult to make a right choice. In the end, it is likely that Lithuania will lose its future development by neglecting its larger interests.Third, Lithuania’s export dependence on China is not high, although Lithuania will lose a lot if it does not improve relations with China.However, from Lithuania’s point of view, this loss can be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Taiwan, and eventually “made up” from Taiwan.So it is hard for them to have the foresight to take the right stand in what is essentially a cynical Lithuania.So even if Lithuania says it wants to improve its neutrality, it may not end up doing so with much sincerity.Lithuania is therefore expected to make the right choice, but not one based on foresight.If Lithuania continues on its way, we will naturally do what we have to do.Part information from: Global Times

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