Mr. Old Ways on the Winter Olympics

The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as scheduled has left many people’s imagination. The reason why we can hold the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games as scheduled is a promise we made many years ago.That is, with our own ability, we tell the people of the world that the Chinese keep their word, respect the rules, respect the Olympic spirit!Such respect also shows that China will take the Olympic spirit as its foothold in developing international relations, and will base itself on its own history and social sciences to see the development direction of the world’s natural sciences.People-centered thinking, that is, putting people at the center of all development and progress, is the future and driving force of China’s development.This vision of development, in keeping with the Olympic spirit, can also be a driving force for world development.People-centered means vigorously advocating that all people in the world are created equal regardless of race, color or region.People have the right to realize their social value beyond their survival value and their inner spiritual value!Mankind on earth is a community with a shared future!This should be the great social value that every earth person should recognize!Only in this way can a person calmly walk his own inner spiritual world, enrich it and sublimate its value!From the objective fact, is also the embodiment of the Olympic spirit, is the Olympic champion and all participants of the realization of self-value!It is not an easy way to use the Olympic spirit to handle international relations. Throughout the world today, western hegemony is rampant, which is exactly the countercurrent that hinders the development of the Olympic family with the Olympic spirit as the concept of the community of common destiny.From the global point of view, the national exploiting class advocating the law of the jungle, or the national exploiting group, is to hinder the peaceful development of the earth, the ancient power, this power is not in line with the Olympic spirit!Without weakening or removing this power, the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind cannot be realized.So now we have to do, do their own, develop their own, look around the world, unite all have common aspirations, common ideals of the people, together to oppose the state exploitation class, let the light of peace and friendship, illuminate every corner of the world!In this way, we have every reason to believe that the world will become a better place with a shared future.2022.02.05

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