New Oriental live with goods to do how?With sales of 81,400 units in two months, Mr Yu says there is no turning back

On December 28, 2021, New Oriental announced the establishment of “Oriental Selection”, which is a new way for New Oriental to seek development after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.Now, the distance from Yu Minhong first live with goods has been more than a month, fast two months, old Yu and his New Oriental with goods results?Did you do it well?According to data from New Oriental Data Platform, the overall performance of New Oriental with goods is just as good. Since December 28, Oriental has selected a total of 335 goods with goods;Cumulative sales of 4.5476 million yuan;Accumulated sales of 81,400 pieces.From the first live broadcast after the festival on February 10 to February 17, the total number of goods carried by Oriental selection was 159;Accumulated sales of 1.1884 million yuan;Total sales of 29,400 pieces.During the live broadcast on February 17, The sales volume of Oriental Selection reached 9,356 units;In addition, three of the six live broadcasts in the past eight days sold more than 5,000 units.By February 17, Oriental Selection had sold a total of 15,000 products with a unit price of less than 50 yuan.More than 3200 pieces of goods with a unit price of 50 to 100 yuan;More than 1500 pieces of goods with a unit price between 100 and 300 yuan;Sales of goods priced over 300 yuan are almost negligible.Yu Minhong once posted on his social media platform that he chose to live deliver agricultural products because he likes agriculture. “Agriculture is the foundation of people’s livelihood”, and doing this can also contribute to rural revitalization.”When you have a start and a goal, there is no retreat, and you have reasons and motivation to move forward,” Yu wrote in a previous post.Since New Oriental has chosen to go live with goods this routine, we should try to overcome all kinds of problems, become the new “pillar” new Oriental.- THE END – Source: Fast Technology

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