“Revitalize the countryside, free medical treatment in the countryside” activity into wudun village

Photography/writing:Zhou Zhonghua On February 18, the Forde Charity Charity team, led by its leader MAO Yanfang, went to Wudun Village, Dongyaozi Town, Qiaoxi District, and participated in the non-public Party Committee of Organization Department of Qiaoxi District, Qiaoxi Veterans Affairs Bureau, Hebei War Emergency Support Team and Zhangjiakou Diabetes Hospital.To wudun Village, East Yaozi Town, Qiaoxi District, free free medical treatment activities for villagers, retired soldiers and their families.Part of the emergency support team of The Forde Charity Charity is responsible for on-site organization, guidance, help to maintain order and clean up the environment.Free diagnosis subjects include: internal medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, waist and leg pain, physiotherapy, electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar measurement, temperature measurement system, medication program.The medical service team of Ford Charity charity team is composed of Dr. Huang Shaolei and Dr. Yuan Zhihong.Other members of the Forde Charity help with waiting, guiding and doing whatever you can.MAO Yanfang, the leader of the Charity charity team, also conducted psychological counseling with the elderly patients to maintain an optimistic mood, stimulate positive energy, promote charity, and have a happy good night.Zhu Haiming, captain of the emergency support team of the Ford Charity Charity Charity Team, communicated with all parties to provide more convenience to the patients as much as possible and set a good example for the retired soldiers.Adhering to targeted health care in poverty alleviation, the hospital effectively solves the problem of poverty caused by illness and returning to poverty due to illness, and conducts health checks on villagers to ensure early detection and treatment of diseases.In particular, we give priority to and pay attention to retired military personnel.Ford Charity will continue to “revitalize the countryside, go to the countryside for free medical treatment” activities, do good for more people, for more people to remove worries.In the field of free consultation, soldiers and ex-servicemen have priority in hearing testing, ecg testing, TCM hearing consultation, testing, blood pressure, blood sugar file building, information input, TCM consultation, laboratory testing, dean’s consultation, network registration, psychological counseling for the elderly, communication with military family members, group photo of free consultation team

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