Zhang Yun, a native of Macao, adds color to the development of her hometown

China Shandong network – perception shandong February 8 news (reporter Lu Weixia) “the memory of the sea cotton is far long, as time passes, became a rhyme.The South China Sea, the North Sea, the East China Sea and the West Sea are not as good as my yellow sea and Yantai Mountain.”Write this paragraph of zhang Yun, was born in Yantai of Macao zhang Yun, she loves Macao, love Yantai, also love the motherland every inch of great rivers and mountains.At the end of December 2020, due to the epidemic, Zhang Yun chose to stay away for two years.It is also this rare “reunion after parting”, let her see a different “delicious Yantai”.”Yantai mountains and seas are very fairy, penglai fairy pavilion, eight immortals across the sea, mirage, come to Yantai over immortal days!”In the video, Zhang Yun proudly introduced the beautiful scenery of Yantai and its delicious local specialties. “I love Yantai, and its delicious. A plate of Wahoo dumplings, red Yantai apples and big cherries, a bite can be sweet to the heart.”In the video, Zhang Yun walked into Yantai Mountain, Bingxin Memorial Hall, Kaibu Culture Exhibition hall and other places, introduced the culture and history of Yantai, and issued an affectionate invitation: in 2022, come to Yantai to play!Tell a good story of Yantai, let more people understand Yantai, into Yantai, fall in love with Yantai, Zhang Yun spare no effort.In recent years, Zhang Yun has cooperated with Macao Youth Incubation and Entrepreneurship Center, actively engaged in cultural and educational work, and spread the excellent traditional culture and language charm of the Chinese nation.Returning home, return home is Zhang Yun’s wish.In May 2021, with the joint efforts of the United Front Work Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Yantai Municipal Party Committee, Yantai Municipal Government and overseas Chinese Federation of Yantai Development Zone, the offline activity “2021 Chinese Enterprises Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation and Exchange Meeting” was launched in Yantai Development Zone.In September, zhang Yun signed a contract with The New Kinetic Energy (Yantai) Industrial Technology Research Institute as a consultant of the General Association of Overseas Chinese in Korea at the 2020 China-Japan-ROK Engineering technology Conference.Nowadays, Zhang Yun is yantai city government investment advisers, yantai development zone, yantai sea rhyme, vice President of overseas investment co., LTD. (Australian) chairman, Korean overseas Chinese association consultant, Japan and China association of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), vice President, the innovation entrepreneurship league secretary-general, the Dutch Chinese young entrepreneurs association secretary general of the China office, china-france relations association for the advancement of yantai President…One title after another witnessed her remarkable contribution to promoting the prosperity and development of Yantai by taking overseas Chinese as the “bridge”.

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