Attention!Two bus stations in Yibin were merged and new platforms opened!Five bus lines are involved…

Yibin news network yibin people pay attention to Yibin news network attention attention!Attention!Yibin today from the old city two bus station merge!In order to cooperate with the construction of the “slow blocking and smooth” project in the old city, from April 3, 2022, the two bus stops of the north Street from south to north “The second hospital” will be merged. After the merger, the new bay station will be used (opposite zhengqi Lane). The entrance of the emergency department of the former second hospital will be suspended, and the bus will no longer stop.This station merger involves the adjustment of routes: bus No. 4, 12, 20, 46 and K08. After the merger, citizens who used to take buses at the entrance of the emergency department of the hospital can travel about 100 meters to Minzhu Road.Adjust the schematic diagram ↓↓↓ Please tell each other!Original title: “Attention! Yibin 2 bus stations merged, new platform opened! Involved 5 bus lines……”

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