Dong ‘an County procuratorate held a big discussion on “four to four views” to emancipate the mind

Rednet moment February 8 – (correspondent Chen Xia) On the morning of February 8, the Procuratorate of Dong ‘an County organized a big discussion on “four to four views” to emancipate the mind.Yu Wenhui, secretary of the Party Group and procurator-general of dong ‘an County Procuratorate, presided over the meeting, and heads of the internal institutions attended the meeting.In the big discussion, the participants compared to the yongzhou City procuratorate deployment to carry out the “celebrate the party’s 20th national Congress, four to four to see the big competition” activities, around finding the positioning of “Dong ‘an prosecutorial”, clear “Dong ‘an prosecutorial where to go” direction, clear “Dong ‘an prosecutorial how to do” answer launched a heated discussion.After listening to the speech, Yu Wenhui pointed out that the launch of the “four to four” emancipation of the mind discussion, intended to unify the ideological understanding, identify the crux of the gap, clear work to improve the efficiency of the path, promote the innovation and development of dongan prosecutorial work.Yu Wenhui asked, to continue to learn, constantly emancipate the mind, change the concept, always look at the problem with innovative vision, thinking about countermeasures, with innovative measures to study the problem, promote the innovation and development of procuratorial work;To change the style of work, to emancipate the mind of the great discussion as an opportunity to promote the procuratorial cadres and police thought again liberation, thinking again clear, implementation again improve efficiency, work great development;We should strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen work measures, give full play to procuratorial functions, and push all procuratorial work to a new level.

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