Harry Potter mobile games Spring Festival benefits will not stop, niffsniff personally send gifts, players: more

Still waiting to see if it should be into the pit harry Potter magic awakening friends are still unhappy to take advantage of now into the pit, New Year super many benefits to get soft, help you directly cultivate their accounts and cards, completely and before the player produced disjointed.And interact with the microblog can also take benefits, such as the smell of gift-giving activities have been out of the second wave, in the comments section of the special customs in their home would have access to sniff out a second time, smell is the first time invited wizards good drying out during the Spring Festival, one of the first time will have access to sniff.Here’s a look at what Harry Potter fans are up to this Spring Festival.Some players have even set up sticky notes to record their experiences in the mobile Games since the beginning of this year.For example, the player said that the name of the dormitory has been changed to tang Chen one product, it seems that the sisters set a new target this year can be really not small, and the dormitory four people like to mention tang Chen one product, change rich woman.During the Spring Festival on a lot of points of the small partner is also a lot, with the Spring Festival to get the reward to open the card bag to open a cool, cultivate a wave of cards, points also become relaxed.And there is this benefit during the Spring Festival, the first five games of the duel every day do not drop points, hey hey this is not cheap like small series of chicken, can be near the thigh double row points, also not afraid of the front several because they are too vegetables drag the hind legs of teammates drop points.Just into the pit do not know how to match the card wizard students do not worry, you can ask other friends in the super words ceremony door, other not to say, we super words inside the good people are more than one enthusiasm, every day there are a lot of people invite other players to change clothes, looking for new people to play together.The official blog will also explain the skills and usage of cards, for example, although xiaobian has drawn, I have not used the old headmaster’s partner card, but also used a few versions of the previous card group, thanks to the strategy master this duels saved.In addition to the dumbledore companion card collocation guide, the recommended collocation guide of this card has also made some tutorials and explanations, before many players said that they are not very good at collocation, this good, everyone has homework to learn a study.In addition to these competitive benefits, the Spring Festival also on a lot of new clothes, the design we all boast good, and do the task can get, these benefits we can not miss.Don’t say much, xiaobian here first on the number to play the competition.

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