Monthly property market report | January chengdu overall to more than 60%, the central bank interest rate cut landing ushered in the purchase window period

New homes: 16,414 units were sold in January, down 9.8%;Second-hand housing: 9728 sets of transactions in January, down 20.5%;Land: 7 land transactions in Chengdu in January totaling 456 mu;Presales: A total of 9,168 units were added in 43 projects in January;The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) released a statement on the official website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) at 22:47 PM on Monday, announcing the deployment of its annual work tasks.It placed a high priority on “stable growth” and unusually stressed the need to fully unleash housing demand.Following the central bank and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Voice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is particularly important.As China’s top real estate authority, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) has set the tone for 2022, almost determining the direction of the property market this year.Central bank rate cut landing, the window to buy?On January 20, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) authorized the National Interbank Offered Center to announce that the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR) is: 1-year LPR is 3.7% (down from 3.8% in December 2021 to 3.7%), 5-year LPR is 4.6% (down from 4.65% in December 2021 to 4.6%).It is the first time in 21 months that the five-year LPR has been lowered.New house presale in Chengdu in January, a total of 43 projects, a total of 9,168 new commercial housing, the presale area of about 179,000 square meters.(Note: the “5+2” area includes Chenghua District, Jinjiang District, Wuhou District, Qingyang District, Jinniu District, High-tech Zone and Tianfu New Area) The “5+2” area collected 4 projects and provided 652 new houses.High-tech zone xinchuan plate 2 projects forensics, Jinjiang District Huaxi Art Village Yudu forensics 104 houses, area range of 249-286㎡, water price only 16406 yuan /㎡.In the suburbs, longquanyi District, Shuangliu District, Wenjiang District and Xindu District obtained 5 projects in January, with 1624 new houses.Xindu District Jinlong county and Huaxi 528LIVE evidence on the same day, this batch of projects 7, 10, 11, 12 houses, a total of 470 sets, the area range of 99-143 square meters, the average price of water 7676 yuan/square meters, the decoration situation to be determined.Luhu Palace area 11, Wenjiang District obtains 128 houses, with a construction area of 100-142 square meters and a unit price of 8000-8950 yuan/square meters.Shuangliu District Zhengyuanhui Art Has launched 260 sets of clean houses. The third batch of Longyuan has a construction area of 126-142 square meters, with a unit price of 16,687-18,919 yuan/square meters.The project is located in Yangliuhu Plate of Shuangliu District. In the construction of chengdu’s urban spatial pattern of “one heart, two wings, one district, three axes and multiple centers”, Yangliuhu plate of Shuangliu District and Longquanyi Crown Lake Center are positioned as comprehensive sub-centers of Chengdu.In the outer suburbs, 34 projects were collected in January, with a total of 6,892 houses on the market.The outer suburbs became the main supply force, among which blue Ribbon Community, a talent apartment in the eastern New District, obtained 15 pre-sale certificates, with a total of 4,778 houses.It should be noted that the Blue Silk Belt Talent Apartment is the official employee who will guarantee the normal operation of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. If the project has not been sold out, it will be gradually opened for sale. Buyers who want to buy property in the eastern New Area can pay attention to it.In January 2022, a total of 16,414 commercial housing units were sold in Chengdu central city and suburban new Town, with a transaction area of about 2.085m square meters.Second-hand housing transactions of 9728 sets, the transaction area of about 923,700 square meters.Land market In Chengdu in January, a total of 7 land transactions, a total of 456 mu.Four of them involved residential land, the first land auction in Chengdu in 2022.The 4 lands are all located in the three circles of Chengdu, including 3 in Chongzhou and 1 in Pengzhou. The land in Pengzhou is auctioned in the way of “setting the maximum price + the area ratio of competitive construction and free transfer of indemnification rental housing”.In the end, all four lots were sold at reserve prices.In terms of opening subscription and opening, chengdu monitored the opening of 14 projects in January, with a total of 3,188 houses being launched and 1,930 houses sold at the opening, with an overall reduction rate of 60.5%.In terms of demineralization, Lushan Hospital of Tianfu New Area launched 335 high-quality houses, attracting 1050 people to participate in the lottery, and 335 sets were sold at the opening, with a demineralization rate of 100%.Others that sold out at the opening were The Qin Emperor Jin in Tianfu New Area and the Classic Tian Yue Beichen in Xindu District.1. Data sources: Land and Resources Bureau, Chengdu Housing And Construction Bureau, Municipal Survey, etc.2, disclaimer: datang property market data for independent creation, aimed at conveying views, exchange of views, not as a guide, guide you to the relevant investment, trading basis or risk guarantee;If there is any factual error or suspected infringement in the content of this article, please inform us, we will verify and deal with it according to law;3, copyright statement: the copyright of this text is datang property data and/or the relevant right holders are exclusively owned or held, without permission, shall not be reproduced, excerpted, copied and set up a mirror image of any use.

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