TA is recognized as the “treasure of dishes”!It has the effect of clearing heat and resolving phlegm, benefiting qi and stomach.Do you know what it is?

Bamboo shoots have always been a delicacy of spring diet.Whether it is winter bamboo shoots or spring bamboo shoots, they are the best taste for fresh food on the tongue.Bamboo shoots have the functions of clearing heat and reducing phlegm, benefiting qi and stomach, treating thirst and benefiting waterways, which are also mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine books.Compendium of Materia Medica records that bamboo shoots “taste sweet, non-toxic, main thirst, water and qi, can be long food.””Famous doctor don’t record” said: “The Lord quench thirst, benefit waterways, yiqi, long food”.”Compendium of Materia Medica Collection” records: “Benefit nine qiao, tong blood, phlegm salivating, digestion swelling”, especially good at clearing hot phlegm.In ancient times, people also liked bamboo shoots very much.Su Dongpo, a bamboo shoot lover, once said: “No bamboo makes one vulgar; no meat makes one lean.If you want not vulgar also not thin, meal bamboo shoots cook meat.”The same is true of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Every spring, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty would hold a “bamboo shoot banquet” to gather officials and symbolize the Talent of the Tang Dynasty as “bamboo shoots after a spring rain”.Modern studies show that bamboo shoots are rich in protein, a variety of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, and rich in cellulose.Because of its rich amino acids, bamboo shoots taste delicious;It is rich in cellulose, so bamboo shoots can help digestion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, prevent colorectal cancer, and have a certain therapeutic effect on coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.Have rich carotene, can promote liver cell proliferation, growth, but also prevent toxin damage to liver cells, also can maintain the health of eyes and skin.Of course, there are some differences between winter and spring bamboo shoots.How to choose is up to personal preference.Winter bamboo shoots are tender stems that grow underground in winter.Winter bamboo shoots are short and stout in shape.Winter bamboo shoots are produced from mid-October to early February. Their skins are dark brown.Winter bamboo shoot meat is hard, and cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold people eat less.Spring bamboo shoots belong to the bud part of bamboo shoots.The shape of spring bamboo shoots is slender and long.Spring bamboo shoots are produced from mid-late March to Qingming Festival every year. The color of the skin is green and purple.Spring bamboo shoots contain more water and taste better.Bamboo shoots are recognized as “treasures of dishes”, which have the effects of clearing heat and reducing phlegm, nourishing qi and stomach. Do you like them?What are the common ways to eat?Shanghai Jing ‘an District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine wechat official account (text: Li Ying)Rain and snow begin to affect Shanghai!The highest temperature today is only……It is the Shanghai Exhibition Center, also known as the Sino-Soviet Friendship Building in the memory of Shanghai people.No one can refuse “Bing Dwen Dwen” “Shanghai Jing ‘an” wechat “Shanghai Jing ‘an” APP

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