Home for 4 days closed, Park Geun-hye words detonated international public opinion, accidentally pulled out of the key figures

It is well known that in recent years, South Korea’s President, successively in prison, has become a very interesting thing, but for now, South Korea’s election has ended, Yin Xiyue narrowly defeated incumbent in li Ming, let the blue house officials complete circle, even after it the president-elect, immediately said the relocation will open the presidential palace,This is something that no one expected.After all, the Blue House has become a symbol of the South Korean government, causing instant political turmoil and even more than 300,000 people to petition against the move.The fact that it took 19 days for president Moon and Minister Yoon to meet for the first time shows the tension between the two countries.In the end, however, Mr. Moon relented and said he would cooperate with the presidential relocation plan.Against this backdrop, the turmoil in South Korean politics has surprised everyone.South Korea’s political turmoil at the moment, over 4 months of treatment park geun-hye finally discharged from the hospital, and came to live in his house is located in the hometown of daegu, and since the return to the villa, for four consecutive days coming out, triggered a public debate, to this, park geun-hye private lawyer LiuRongXia foreign said, park geun-hye is at ease, please be patient.But the outpouring of support for Ms Park has been relentless, with so many people arriving outside her new home to punch in their cards and lay wreaths on the ground.In particular, park geun-hye made a speech at her home and said she would make efforts to attract talented people, which raised the possibility of her further appearance in Korean politics.At the same time, however, president Moon’s wife Kim Jung-sook was embroiled in a scandal over clothing expenses, and president Park geun-hye was also questioned in this regard.Ryu says this is not true and history will reveal everything.The South Korean government, in an effort to minimize the impact, said that it did not prepare and implement the national budget for the purchase of clothes for first lady Kim Jung-sook, and that the first lady buys clothes at her own expense, and there is no reason to disclose such private expenses.Such a hype is particularly sensitive at a time of presidential transition, and given the tense relationship between Moon jae-in and Yoon, it is perhaps not surprising that such issues arise.After all, Yoon directly said that he would investigate Moon jae-in if he takes office, which is another kind of game in itself, and Moon is clearly resigned to his fate.

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