In 2022, the number of college graduates will exceed 10 million for the first time.The official post

The number of college graduates in 2022 is expected to reach 10.76 million, exceeding 10 million for the first time.How to solve the problem of employment and entrepreneurship of tens of millions of college graduates?Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments jointly issued a notice on in-depth Implementation of the Demonstration Action to Promote entrepreneurship and Employment of College Graduates (hereinafter referred to as the notice).File photo: Job seekers at a job fair.Demonstration bases should play a leading role and strive to provide 2 million high-quality employment opportunities for college graduates by 2022, setting a good example for the country to promote employment through entrepreneurship, the circular said.In recent years, more and more college graduates are engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship practice, but they also face problems such as financing difficulties, lack of experience and inadequate services.According to the circular, the demonstration actions to be carried out in 2022 should focus on encouraging college graduates to start businesses and find jobs, stick to a problem-oriented approach, help college graduates solve prominent problems in starting businesses, and lower the threshold for innovation and entrepreneurship.We will provide high-quality education, training, and internships in innovation and entrepreneurship to help college graduates enhance their ability to start businesses and find jobs, create more high-quality jobs, and ease structural employment problems.Female college graduates and other groups were highlighted in the notice, which noted that entrepreneurship has a multiplier effect on employment and is one of the ways to solve the employment problem.In the course of organizing demonstration actions, we will continue to promote entrepreneurship and employment. To promote entrepreneurship means vigorously supporting high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship projects, guiding more start-up enterprises to recruit college graduates to start businesses together, and providing more opportunities for college graduates to display their talents.Promoting employment means respecting the entrepreneurial will of college graduates, guiding them to have a correct understanding of entrepreneurial risks, and focusing on helping college graduates with strong entrepreneurial will and sound project foundation realize their entrepreneurial dreams.At the same time, we need to take a combination of measures to create more job opportunities for college graduates, especially female college graduates, zero-employment families and urban residents who enjoy the minimum standard of living to find jobs.File photo: Job seekers ask for job information at a job fair in Chongqing.According to the notice, all demonstration bases should closely combine the organization of demonstration actions with characteristic, functional and professional development, the implementation of the three-year action plan for the construction of demonstration bases, and their own development direction.We will select one of the three special initiatives — mass entrepreneurship and innovation in social services to boost employment, integrated innovation among large, medium and small enterprises, and lean entrepreneurship to boost employment — to focus on college graduates starting businesses and finding jobs.Besides, the demonstration base of enterprises, colleges and universities are to venture to organize the implementation of college graduates employment between special operation, to enhance coordination with the public employment and personnel services and exploring expanding scope of pair of build, with typical demonstration base of colleges and universities to explore mature replication to other colleges and universities, plays an important role in promoting college graduates entrepreneurship employment.To establish a list of preferential policies to support college graduates in entrepreneurship and employment, the notice mentioned that the eight departments also established a list of preferential policies to support college graduates in entrepreneurship and employment.According to the list of policies, a flexible academic system will be implemented, allowing students to adjust their course of study and leave school for innovation and entrepreneurship.Incubators and other entrepreneurial carriers invested and developed by the government should arrange about 30 percent of the space to provide free space to college graduates.College graduates engaged in individual business, since handling individual industrial and commercial households to register that month, in 3 years (36 months) according to each household annual 12000 yuan for the limit of deduction in turn its that year should pay the value-added tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education additional, local education additional and individual income tax.The limit can be increased by up to 20%.In addition, small and micro enterprises that recruit college graduates and sign labor contracts with them for more than one year and pay social insurance premiums for them will be given social insurance subsidies of no more than one year, excluding the part that college graduates should pay individually.If you have copyright problems, please contact this website.

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