The four universities in Liaoning have been named by state media as their graduation certificates are worth nothing, and students are cautious about applying for them

Liaoning province is an important province in northeast China.As one of the earliest provinces to open to the outside world, Liaoning is not only very developed in foreign trade, but also very fast in industrial development and progress, and has become a very important industrial base in China.Liaoning province is rich in educational resources, which attracts pheasant universities. The economic development of Liaoning province also makes great progress in local education.There are 115 universities in Liaoning, among which liaoning University, Dalian University of Technology and other universities have the top level and strength in China. They not only have outstanding teaching strength, but also have a very good reputation, attracting a lot of high-quality students to study in Liaoning.But such resources have also attracted many rogue universities.They pretend to be regular universities and recruit students illegally, which also traps a lot of people.Shenyang Polytechnic University, which ends in “university”, has led many people to believe it is a regular university.In fact, this school is also to take advantage of this point, deliberately named university.In fact, the school not only did not pass the relevant recognition of the Ministry of Education, and there is no enrollment and school qualifications, the school issued the diploma is not on the relevant platform, so the students only have a high school diploma.Shenyang Shengjing University doesn’t even have a campus of its own, just a shabby rental house and a few computers.They create their own website and then cut information from other schools’ websites to put together their own website.Schools are also using this to deceive parents and students, to deceive a large number of people.Dalian University of Science and Technology Management is a school whose name often appears at the gate of some schools.They often advertise in these places that they have “internal quotas” and can enroll as long as they pay high tuition fees.However, in fact, schools do not have the qualifications for enrollment and running schools. Many students only find that schools are not recognized by the Ministry of Education and their education is still in high school when they look for jobs after graduation.Shenyang Institute of Information Management this school is often through the use of some improper means to obtain the contact information of parents and students, and then pretend to be the school’s recruitment teacher propaganda, claiming that students have slipped, was re-enrolled in this school.It was also because many students and their parents were not familiar with the gaokao registration process that they were tricked into paying tuition fees.The author has words to say actually these schools are also very easy to distinguish, as long as the formal university is in the official website of the Ministry of Education and the school examination after the issuance of enter oneself for an examination guide can undertake inquiry, the formal school is in these platforms also is to put on record, what do not check is mostly these pheasant university.For more exciting content, come to the education Jade Seal

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