Municipal CPPCC fifteen sessions of the fifth meeting held government work report consultation suggestions symposium Wang Fengchao Zhang Yan attended

Yesterday, the city CPPCC fifteenth session of the fifth meeting held the government work report consultation advice symposium.Wang Fengchao, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and mayor of The CPC Central Committee, listened to the opinions and suggestions of representatives of CPPCC member groups on the government work report and government work.Municipal CPPCC Chairman Zhang Yan hosted the symposium.During the discussion, the participating members spoke highly of the development achievements of Chengdu in 2021 and agreed to the main expected goals and key work arrangements of the city’s economic and social development in 2022.Suggestions are also put forward on the construction of chengdu-Chongqing Twin cities economic circle, development of digital economy, prevention and control of air pollution, community development and governance, transformation of suitable for the aged and the disabled, and family education.Wang Fengchao and other municipal government leaders and members of the interaction, the atmosphere was warm.Wang thanked everyone for their strong support to the work of the municipal government and asked relevant departments of the municipal government to seriously study, fully adopt and implement the opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone.He pointed out that under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, a series of decisions and plans of the central, provincial and municipal governments should be implemented comprehensively, accurately and scientifically, and chengdu should strive to achieve new achievements in various undertakings with the attitude of “five pioneers”.A stick to seek improvement in stability, strengthen the precise ShiCe, coordinate linkage fiscal and taxation policies, strengthen the micro, small and medium enterprises, individual businesses and financial support, such as manufacturing, risk resolve on the real economy, especially the small micro enterprise, financial support for the development of science and technology innovation, green, continue tax cuts JiangFei, speed up the construction of a conservation-minded agencies.Second, we will continue to stimulate the vitality of market entities, deepen reform to delegate power, improve regulation, and provide services, introduce supporting policies for the business environment version 4.0, and implement the plan to foster a new economy and new track.Third, we need to speed up structural adjustment, actively explore new development models, vigorously promote industrial circle building and strong chains, further enhance industrial ecological agglomeration, industrial chain building, and high-end factors of operation and research, and strive to build a new development pattern in which major domestic cycles play the main role and both domestic and international cycles reinforce each other.Fourth, we need to vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, speed up efforts to improve our capacity as a source of innovation, strengthen the principal role of enterprises in innovation, promote practical application of scientific and technological achievements, and strive to build China into a leading place for innovative talents.Fifth, we need to deepen reform and opening up, implement comprehensive reform of market-based allocation of factors of production, speed up the exploration of reform to appropriately separate economic zones from administrative regions, give full play to the advantages of dual airports, promote high-level operation of the two airports, speed up the construction of a new land-sea corridor in the western region, and continuously enhance the driving force of china-Europe freight trains.Sixth, we need to thoroughly implement the major regional strategy and the coordinated regional development strategy, sing the “Tale of two cities”, strengthen the “metropolitan area”, and further optimize the layout of urban functions.Seventh, we need to ensure people’s wellbeing, balance development with security, increase the supply of quality public services, give higher priority to employment, continue to build government-subsidized housing, and do a good job in providing services to new citizens, senior citizens and young people, and effectively address the urgent needs and worries of the people.Said wang fengchao, hope the city people’s political consultative conference organization and two themes to members firmly grasp the unity of democracy, as always, around the center, focus on key areas and major policy, actively building, the present development of practical solutions, we will continue to do a good coordination, promotion policy, the straightening out emotions, solving contradiction, better performance of the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision, participate in,Make concerted efforts to promote zhi Rong xing Rong business on a new level.City leaders Liu Xiaoliu, Cheng Wei, Liu Yuquan, Wang Pingjiang, Liu Xuguang, Lin Nan, Zuo Zheng, Luo Xia, Yang Jiande, Xu Jiuping, Han Yi, Li Zan, Gan Huatian, the secretary general of the Municipal government Zhou Xianyi, the city CPPCC Party member Yang Dongsheng and other participants in the symposium.Chengdu media group two sessions special coverage group reporter Chang Fei Li Xia editor Wang Juan proofread Song Hexiao

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