The historical progressive understanding of hereditary system replacing Zen system

Xia Qi succeeded his father Yu to the throne, which was the beginning of the hereditary system.The hereditary system restricts the power within the blood family, so it is not as fair and just as the zen system before. But we know that the hereditary system replaces the zen system is actually a great progress in history. What is the solution?The history textbooks I know, including college textbooks, have only opinions and do not explain why.Students are “know and do not know why” – I went to understand the peer to explain this problem, there is no lack of “students know is so on the line, anyway the class standard also did not require us to explain this problem, anyway, also need not take an examination of” deal with.This is obviously a rote memorization of history, rather than stimulating students’ historical thinking.When I teach this question, I understand it in accordance with one of marxist historical materialism – productive forces determine the relations of production.In primitive society, the productive forces are backward, and there is no surplus of production income. All the materials (including means of production and means of subsistence), that is, all the social wealth, belong to the clans and tribes, while the economic base decides the superstructure, and power is dominated by the public.In the late stage of primitive society, with the development of productive forces and surplus of production, private ownership of property also emerged. The more property controlled by the owner, the greater the influence on the society, and the emergence of private power.That is to say, the abdication system is based on the backward productive forces, and only when the productive forces progress does the hereditary system appear, so the hereditary system replaces the abdication system is the historical progress.It can be illustrated by the following mind map:

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