Direct containment of the most “epidemic” line: warm and orderly!Neighbors help each other, and basic supplies of life are sufficient

Sansho metropolis daily on March 28th (all media reporters Li qi) on March 26, 51 points, seven lives in changsha yuelu district three periods of sunshine one hundred community residents miss liu, suddenly receive property information, informed by yuelu district CDC, plot a resident in the presence of abnormal nucleic acid in mixed screening, temporary traffic control in and out, this area requires the owner of the third phase of home quarantine it is forbidden to go out.”You’re going to bring me dinner.”Liu immediately sent a message to her friend, Ms. Li, who had planned to find an open place to relax over the weekend but had to cancel their trip.Later, Ms. Liu verified from the property management office that Zhong xx, a resident of 80 buildings in the community, was confirmed as a COVID-19 case. The community was then designated as a containment area, and the whole community was quickly “containment” by staff with red barriers.In this way, Ms. Liu began her own home quarantine.How is life in the containment zone?What are the prevention and control measures?Are the supplies of daily life guaranteed?Reporter interviews Ms. Liu, ask her to describe the area most “epidemic” line picture.Go to the supermarket to buy supplies, the boss to her own eggs and meat to eat “isolation for 7 days, afraid to buy vegetables, I quickly went to the village of the lotus prosperity supermarket.”Ms Liu admitted that there was no “stock food” at home, that was blocked, she rushed to the supermarket to buy some food.But the meat and vegetables in the supermarket need to be booked on the platform.The boss comforted Ms. Liu, he is in contact with daily supplies, will try to meet the needs of neighbors.When Liu returned empty-handed, the boss gave her a plate of eggs, a little pork, three potatoes and three oranges.(The supermarket owner shares eggs, meat and oranges with Ms. Liu.)”His family bought them and ate them themselves. It was so warm to share them with me.”Liu wanted to remember the kindness of strangers by taking photos of the food.Later, a familiar neighbor also gave Ms. Liu “support” – a bag of bacon sausage.”I found a green onion planted before in the yard, ha ha, this is even more delicious.”Ms. Liu laughed.”I feel at ease to accept quarantine. I am busy with work at ordinary times, so I can take a break.”On the morning of the 27th, Ms. Liu adjusted her anxious state of mind, doing housework, cleaning a small yard that had not been taken care of in the winter.Or in the furong Prosperity supermarket, the neighbors bought the required meat and vegetables food.Ms. Liu bought a bucket of mineral water, noodles, vegetables, oranges……(There are enough supplies for daily life, and the residents of the containment community have no worries about food and grass.)All the supplies added up to just over 30 yuan, and the boss only charged Ms. Liu 8 yuan for an orange that cost 10 yuan on the platform.”Using the epidemic to drive up prices?Impossible, we unite with loving Changsha people, take the initiative to reduce prices, together to overcome difficulties.”Ms. Liu sighed.Anti-epidemic “food and grass” without worry, the residents of the community are more stable mood, everything in order.(Epidemic prevention and control workers are disinfecting household waste in the closed area.)During the period of home quarantine, regular nucleic acid testing is a very important work.Ms. Liu introduced that in order to strictly prevent and control the epidemic, the 80 buildings with confirmed cases will be inspected by medical staff, while the residents of the remaining buildings will have their nucleic acid sites designated by the property management department and sent to everyone in a form.(Residents of the locked-in community take the initiative to maintain a “safe distance of one meter” and conduct nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner.)”The division of locations is still reasonable.”Ms. Liu said that there was a nucleic acid test point in each of the two buildings, but the neighbors thought that the community should also need the nucleic acid test point with bonus code, yellow code and green code, and put forward suggestions referring to the nucleic acid test order in other controlled communities.At present, nucleic acid testing in the community is being carried out in an orderly manner, and residents have staggered peak testing and cooperate with each other.”There are medical staff, volunteers and property management staff in the community, so our living environment will be eliminated and all aspects are orderly.”Today is the third day of lockdown. Ms. Liu said that everyone is united, not making trouble for epidemic prevention and control, and abiding by all regulations.[Editor: Su Liang][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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