Liaoning Shihua University: The life and health of students should not be avoided due to the epidemic

Since the implementation of the closed management of Liaoning Shihua University, the cadres of student Affairs Office entered the school for the first time, and carried out the epidemic prevention and control work of 15732 preparatory students side by side with 35 full-time counselors.In addition, 23 graduate students were recruited to serve as building counselors to jointly carry out epidemic prevention and control among students by formulating a series of work procedures during the closure management of the campus.In the first line of epidemic prevention and control work, all counselors are stationed in the dormitory building to eat and live with students, and stay on campus and online 24 hours a day.Every day, they urge students to monitor their body temperature, have heart-to-heart talks with students, visit students’ dormitories, conduct safety patrols, organize nucleic acid tests for students, and organize cultural and sports activities for students.At the critical moment of fighting against the epidemic, they put their heart and soul into building a safety net for school epidemic prevention and control, which has become a “reassuring pill” for students to feel at ease in their study and life.In order to ensure the quality of online teaching during the epidemic prevention and control period, instructors are stationed in the online classroom to attend lectures randomly, and in the offline dormitory, classroom and library to supervise students’ lectures in real time.For students unable to return to school due to the epidemic, a one-to-one support system has been established for student Party members and cadres.Students from poor families will be granted a temporary hardship subsidy of more than 100,000 yuan.Counselors also organized online parents’ meetings on epidemic prevention and control, issued a Letter to All Students and Parents, and established a home-school interaction mechanism.Parents and schools are encouraged to work together to fight the epidemic through multiple channels.During the closure period, “Student Service commandos” escorted more than 200 students for medical treatment.In addition to finishing their studies, members of the student Party member commandos in each block are divided into six periods every day to assist the building counselors in patrolling the common area of the block, carrying out late roll call and monitoring students’ temperature.Party members and student cadres of the whole school are divided into four periods to constantly patrol the campus. The Student Affairs Office also took the lead to set up a “drone patrol” to patrol around the school all day, enabling the epidemic prevention and control work with science and technology.During the epidemic, the school held 10 “Home-school Concentric, Let love Flow” mental health education classes for parents;Adopt grid management “one to one, many to one” always pay attention to students’ thoughts, emotions, psychological problems;For students with serious psychological problems, counselors will accompany them until they are properly dealt with.In addition, counselors also encourage students to put down their mobile phones and take part in outdoor sports to promote students’ growth from both physical and mental aspects.With their commitment and responsibility, counselors have built a safety barrier and woven a tight safety net for nearly 20,000 students.During the closure period of the campus, the instructors always insisted on coming to their posts immediately, with high intensity of strict defense, and led students to fight the epidemic with sincere and selfless dedication.They abandoned the warm and comfortable home, become the students in the eyes of the fight against the epidemic fighters;They treat students like relatives, with words and deeds to disperse students’ psychological fear, the love and strength in the campus.

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