Congratulations!The first gold medal of Beijing Winter Olympics is born!

The first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was awarded in the women’s double pursuit of cross-country skiing at the National Cross-country Skiing Center in Beijing on February 5.Trice Johaiug of Norway finished the race first in 44 minutes 13.7 seconds to win the gold medal.Russia’s Natalia Nepriaeva was second and Austria’s Teresha Stadlerbel was third.China sent a full quartet of chi Chunxue, Dinegar Iramujiang and Bania Garin to compete with Li Xin, the best of the four li Xin ranked 33rd with a time of 49 minutes 7.7 seconds.Photo: xinhua cross-country skiing women chasing double is equipped with two 7.5 kilometers (7.5 km of the traditional technology + 7.5 km free technology) stage of the game, all players at the same time, must combine in a game two cross-country skiing techniques, stop in the middle site changes the traditional equipment for freestyle equipment, the timer will not stop the timer.A total of 65 athletes competed in the double chase, which tests an athlete’s ability to switch skills and physical endurance.Source: Jinyun Review: Ma Xu braid: Wang Chen

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