Manchester United knocked out of the FA Cup by Middlesbrough.The fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth

Manchester United knocked out of the FA Cup by Middlesbrough.The fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth.Netizens pointed out that: this game, Manchester United squandered their own opportunities and refereeing problems, the empty goal penalty did not grasp.If we don’t let king Lin go, this scene is not on, and iranga is not to understand.This is the only trophy we have a chance of winning this year, and to go out like this, the whole team doesn’t deserve the shirt.Cristiano ronaldo does not need to break through to create opportunities for his teammates on the scene, and just wait for his teammates to feed him. He will have the ball in good condition.But Messi to break back to assist, natural goal efficiency is low.This is the case with many players (including famous players and coaches) and the choice of Messi by melo.Melo at his peak was a goal-scoring machine, but Messi was more of a team player with all his assists and playmaking, and they were simply not the same type of players.Messi is better at scoring at the peak of his powers, cristiano Ronaldo is always 40+, but Messi can go back to the organization, but you can’t expect anything at 37, after all, there is only one Zlatan Ibrahimovic in football.Forward collective sleepwalking, there are Also C luo’s penalty hit rate is just like that, the last time B fee lost penalty all said to let C Luo penalty, that is now the turn of B fee?Cristiano ronaldo really does not have the peak strength, at present Cristiano ronaldo’s threat is only near the goal line inside the penalty area, outside the penalty area there is no human volleying Strength, the current strength is only suitable for playing a support, not suitable for the super leader to enjoy a lot of ball.It was a pity to lose the penalty. The problem with Cristiano ronaldo was that he was not in good shape.Anyone who understands the game knows who they’re making fun of.The problem with this back kick is that there is no change, other people’s buses are neatly laid out, and when the ball comes, how can you score?It’s not anyone’s problem, tactical arrangements, but united played like Muggles today.Manchester united this team, and I don’t know what the coach to teach well, the status quo, b fee within this point DE brow growth is less than that degree, Manchester united are particularly dependent on him, he didn’t state, united’s attacking with muggles, and then in a cross strong right-back may be better, but the midfield playmaker has always been, most of the time around here.Before soles in the time is the defense problem, now after Langnik came, the attack problem highlights, may also be the adaptation period, but United in this kind of public opinion, can wait?The fact that he had not dribbled past anyone for 120 minutes was a sign that ronaldo was no longer capable of breaking games and needed to share the ball with his team-mates.Many years ago, I felt the fate of Melo, who often scored together, won together, or lost together. The difference in the number of birthday days between the two children is the same as them. This time, they are out together, and they are basically at the end of their careers.United should have solved the game in 90 minutes with their quality and then lost on penalties. Don’t you think about yourself?King Lin doesn’t say how he plays up, but his movement can take defenders away, open up space for others, and get behind the ball, which is hard for anyone but King Lin to do.Lin Huang’s goal is a lot of after plug in score, is to run out.Is this really a manager’s problem?In fact, the player problem is really much more than the coach problem, this loss, only Sancho can leave with his head held high.There is no denying the fact that Cristiano ronaldo is getting older, plus Manchester United now have no other person to feed him besides Fee B. The two wings are not good at crossing, sancho is good at playing, how could he be replaced.Sometimes think ronaldo’s performance is very strong, this is a penalty of 20 minutes, then Manchester united squad or power is dominant, penalty is not a decision at this time the outcome (such as anxious showdown between the last several minutes of penalty or a penalty shootout), take a deep breath and total penalty point of expression,As if the free throw was difficult and important enough.If you think about it, we often have this desire to perform, to try to make people feel that we have worked hard, the achievement is not easy.Ronaldo really did not play well, especially after the penalty, he did not run actively, I do not know whether it is the physical problem or the psychological impact of the penalty, in short, did not show a deterrent in front of the English championship team!Rashford’s shot was directly against the goalkeeper, a little in front of the corner of the penalty area, with a good Angle and distance, and a striker could have shot himself. Besides, there is a high possibility that someone on the line between ronaldo and rashford will be cut off. Just because Ronaldo wants the ball, you should not let him shoot.Today the strikers are not the wind, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the naked eye physical condition is not good, his feet are heavy, behind the extra time to lift the foot to stop the ball was difficult.Would Manchester United bring in edinson cavani if their youth strikers were useful?What do you think about that?

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