“Pain and Glory” Life can be recalled, not beautiful but deep in the bone pain

Pain and Glory is a film directed by Pedro Almodovar.This is a film about the essence of life.Why is it called Pain and glory?The so-called glory.It’s pain.In a veteran.Most of all, his scar is like a medal.So for a man, the greatest glory is when he has been beaten and hurt.As long as he doesn’t die.He recovered.Every scar he leaves is a badge of honor.At the beginning of the film, there are very bright colors. What is the bright background color?You don’t start painting on a beautiful canvas.He began painting in a pale, even ugly cave.Life may be such a existence, life all the time.Not under it.Pain of the mind, pain of the body.When the hero is telling us this story, he is actually constantly backtracking, he is telling some fragments of life.Some people say the meaning of life is to find those good memories.But in this film, he uses these bright colors to fool everyone.In the memory of the protagonist.It’s not beautiful, it’s painful.The pain here is not only physical but also spiritual. In this work, the hero’s family was very poor when he was a child, and his mother had to send him to a church school. This child does not want to be a priest, so he does not want to go to this school.He claimed to be an atheist all along, but his mother was going to kiss the icon before she died.All his mother could tell him was, ‘We’re poor, we have no choice. This is the only way you can get an education.’The boy refused to go to the mission school, and as he ran out of the cave to the head of the stairs, he said, “I won’t go!”This sentence is painful to the heart.Many years later.The boy didn’t become a priest, he became a director.He became a famous director loved by his fans. Is this related to the education he received in pain?In addition, although the director promised his mother to send her back to her hometown, her mother would return to her hometown at the end of her life, where she would die, but the director did not do it, he sent her to the hospital the next day.It was also a pain for the director, and he spent the next many years slowly healing.The glory that this movie talks about is actually the pain again and again.Lost over and over again.Again and again, and then from the river of time to heal these wounds.At the end of the film, the director finally went back to shoot the film again. The film ends with such a ending, which actually wants to tell us that when we come to the edge of life, what we can recall is not the beautiful parts of life, but the pain that brings us deep into the bone marrow.It’s the pain that lasts forever.

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