Atalanta win 1-1 at home to Juventus

Atalanta’s serie A clash with Juventus took place at 03:45 on February 14, 2022 Beijing time.The two teams drew 1-1, with Atalanta drawing with Juventus.Atalanta dominated the game, playing 46% of their attacks dangerously, putting Juventus under defensive pressure.Atalanta had 14 percent of their 21 shots on target and one shot through the defensive line, while Juventus had 15 shots and one goal, with 47 percent of their shots on target.Atalanta were booked two times, Juventus were booked three times, and visitors juve were more prolific on the road.In addition to this match, there are also the following matches to watch in the league today ~ 01:00 sensoro VS roma

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